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You can only watch so much television when sheltering in place, right?  And how many jigsaw puzzles can you do without getting a headache?  I even find myself reading two books at a time!

But, even though our world started to open up again to allow for haircuts and dining in restaurants, the Corona Virus is angrily re-emerging and forcing us aging vulnerables into continued self isolation.

When I started blogging I had no idea the end result would be the addition of people I not only enjoy learning about, but that many have actually become  friends.

And through all the challenges of self isolation, and through the long months of solitude, as if to prove the value of our relationships, my blogger friends continued to create incredible connections.  You offer your experiences, your humor, your photographs, your ways of coping, your thoughts, and mostly your love.

But for quite a while I was reading your experiences and not sharing mine.  I was absent from the blogging world in a writing dry spell I thought would never end, when suddenly I realized that reading your posts was helping me get through the Covid-19 Pandemic lock-down.

The inspiration was there “in plain sight.”  Writing and sharing were the blessed remedies for coping with odd downturns like lockdowns and forced isolation.

Many of your posts made me think of what I would do in similar circumstances.  And my own responses could certainly have been crafted into blog posts.  But, instead of following the urge to write, I sent comments instead.  It was writing in a way, but mostly done to thank you, my blogging friends, for your words, your time  and your continued contributions.  You kept me sane in the insane world of Covid-19!

I am posting things again but the dry spell threatens to return.

I recognize it looming overhead.

Then, as if it was meant to be, a Virginia Black Bear wandered into our yard today and has inspired me to create another post.

Stay tuned.













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The dry spell is my own.  I haven’t experienced it before.  Always, there is another blog idea lurking, waiting.  Always, there is an emerging untold story even when I think there are no more stories left to tell.

The far away thunder has announced a little rain storm again.  I can hear it coming and wonder how this can happen when I am in the middle of a thought vacuum.  Yes, now it’s raining!  And the downpour is a taunting reminder I am experiencing writer’s block.  My world has been empty and dry.

Is my life so boring, there is nothing left to tell?  The rain answers, “Just write.”   Or does that really mean “Just Right?”

Watch for the next blog post (but not with too much excitement or anticipation please). I have never had writer’s block before.

Ah Ha!  I have thought of a subject to share with you and will call it “Dining Inn.”   The welcome rain is nurturing ideas along with mother earth.

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