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Heading South

Heading South

“Let’s go south,” said Bill.  It was a bleak frigid morning with yet another forecast for plow-worthy snow.  “Great idea!” I said, “But I don’t want to go to Disney World.”  And we agreed, “Been there, done that.”

And off we went on a car trip to Kissimmee, Florida.  Guess where that is!  Almost next door to Disney World.   But we could get a luxurious villa there via our timeshare exchange and with steeled resolve we set off driving to the sunshine state determined to avoid Disney.  Well, maybe we would go to Universal Studios.  Maybe.

We stopped en route at a recognizable motel in South Carolina.  The sign was welcoming but the room reeked.  The paint was peeling.  And the john only worked with 5 flushes!  “It has to get more magical than this,” I thought and asked Bill, “Are we there yet?”

Not our Motel, but the Next Door Neighbor!

Not our Motel, but the Next Door Neighbor!

Next day we arrived via hoardes of traffic at an enormous resort with thousands of people checking in.  Crowds tend to make me nervous.  A bit on edge, I managed to keep smiling and acting cooperative as we were  herded in bank-type lines from station to station, asked to produce identification and credit cards at least three times, were numbered and given official looking papers to sign.


Timeshare Check-In Place - Note Blue Sky

Timeshare Check-In Place – Note Blue Sky

The noise was so deafening from all those people it was hard to understand any instructions (if there were any). And in spite of pre-registering via email, the check-in process was something like going through Check Point Charlie before the Berlin wall came down.

Finally we were escorted to a beautiful villa.  And lo and behold, the weather was warm enough for short sleeves and I could feel the sun healing my frozen face.  “Ahhh, this is the life!”

Westgate Villas Reflections

It rained all day the next day.

Each day thereafter was filled with sunshine and blue skies and so began our adventure sans Disney.

Stay tuned…..

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Hello favorite blogger friends!

My apologies for an unremarkable absence from the blog-us-fear.

If I have been suspiciously silent it is because Bill and I drove south to escape the cold and periodic snow and ice storms plaguing Camelot.

We went to Florida and stayed very near to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Since Bill and I are now over the hill adults, we tried to forget Disney.

Imagine being so close to a child’s fantasy realm and not going!   Well, “been there – done that” (with and without the young-uns), so this time we were there for sun burning and grown up fun stuff.

The escape to sunshine was successful.

The rest requires a lot of sleep.

Stay tuned…….

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Daily Prompt:  Brilliant Disguise

Tell us about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good.  Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget?  What was the outcome?

I was an adult and had never been to Disneyland.  “Fun for kids,” I thought, but  I felt above such things. There’s always a first time of course, and that first time as Bill and I wandered around the streets of the Magic Kingdom we came to the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea exhibit.

Disney Entrance to Leagues

It was a cave of sights and probable sounds from the famous Jules Verne story.  “Impressive,” I said as we departed the underwater atmosphere.  And just as we left  the exhibit, and almost as a farewell statement there was a statue of a deep sea diver standing at the exit.

I walked up to it and looked directly into the diver’s mask.  I remember tipping and turning my head as I gazed into the mask to see if there was a face inside, when suddenly…..

“HELLO,” said the statue in a big deep voice,

and then moved to give me a big hug! 

Disney Diver

I jumped at least two feet with my hand to my heart and gave a helpless cry!

That statue was a real person who looked just like a carved statue!

How did they DO that?

With a red faced grin I looked back at Bill and he was laughing.  He was not alone.

There was a little crowd gathered beside him who evidently knew I was a sucker and were just waiting for the inevitable results.

The only other ego reducing event that day was when I walked into a lamp post.  I was so awe struck by Disney’s world that I wasn’t looking where I was going.

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