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Friday arrives too quickly to invent mysterious melodrama.  However, if you read these mundane Ranblin’ Randoms, you may discover, hidden among them, some secret messages about preserving youth.

We had dinner with old friends at an old place we all used to love.

Over the years, the four of us went regularly to a favorite restaurant elegantly decorated in Colonial style.  New owners have stripped the drapes and painted the walls light green.  They added an enormous bar, and we’re told they plan to rip out the carpeting and add all hardwood flooring.  We were stunned and a bit saddened by the new décor, but the people were warm and caring and the food was warm and good.  They say to stay young, you have to tolerate change.  Thus, in the interest of maintaining youth, we decided to return another day for another fine meal in somewhat stark splendor.



Herman’s Produce again.

I returned for the best tasting tomatoes, homegrown garlic, the prettiest eggplant ever, and “donut peaches.”  Wow!  If you haven’t tried these sweet little babies, now is the time. Summertime and the living is easy, especially when you have  farmer’s market resources like in Lexington, Virginia.   Note:  Trying new things will keep you young or at least keep you in a state of shocked adaptation.

Can you find the donut peaches?

Can you find the donut peaches?

Our weather forecasts have been consistently Hot/Muggy/Stormy.

But the local forecast for tomorrow is simply written as “Beautiful.”  That’s nice because Noche (the German Shepherd) and Judy (my niece) are arriving tomorrow for a farewell visit before they move to California.  We have become attached to Noche of course and have always been attached to Judy.  I’m afraid there will be tears at the close of their visit.  But in the interest of preserving youth, we must accept the ravages of change.  And I do plan to go out kicking and screaming, “NO!!!!!”

Judy and Noche on a previous visit

Judy and Noche on a previous visit

This week featured a trip to the dentist. 

Speaking of kicking and screaming, clean teeth are” in.”

Tooth Selfie

Tooth Selfie

And after a visit to the dentist my teeth are Vogue-cover worthy and no cavities either!  Chancy is the best dental hygienist ever, but she just got married.  That means I worry about her longevity (in the dentist’s office that is).  Babies have a way of changing things.  Of course personal longevity is at stake too, so in the interest of at least looking young via bright white teeth, I continue to take my chances with Chancy.

Replacing the Bathroom Floor

On the Way to New FloorFinally, we are replacing a much abused 26 year old master bathroom floor! Two of our expert handy-person friends are working on it now.  My own preparations included finding a place for everything where there is already no room.  There are now items like the bathroom scale in the clothes closet, extra toilet paper in the kitchen cupboard, shampoo in underwear drawers, and lotions and medicines in the linen closet.  I hope to relocate such items and restore them to their proper places in the bathroom before Judy arrives tomorrow or she may be in for a shock.

All my floors are pristine and germ free of course, because germs are the roots of all evil and the cause of premature death.  Notice that Paranoia is not included (but maybe should be) in the following list.

In case you missed any of the hidden messages though, here’s a summary of how to live a long and happy life:

Get a good dental hygienist.

Avoid germs.

Get a dog.

Don’t let family move far away.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Get a dog.

Try new things.

Accept change.

“Go with the flow.”

Get a dog,


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I went to the dentist today to have my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist is so gentle I usually doze off, but this time she said, “If you feel any discomfort, just raise your hand.”  Uh Oh!  Her admonition got me thinking.  To be more precise, she had me clenching my teeth.  She told me to relax but I was plagued by vivid memories of prehistoric torture.

My mother hated dentists so refused for years to send me in for checkups.   This was fine with me of course, until about age 11 or 12 (after all those years of chocolate bars and bubble gum) when I was plagued by a sensitive tooth. Mom had no choice then, so off to the dentist we went.

Diagnosis: A cavity. 

And not only one cavity, but a mouthful of cavities. 

I seem to recall there were a total of 14 cavities! 

Now this was back back back in time – waaaaay back in time.  Novocaine was available but probably only for extractions, and there were no little irrigating machines like we have today.  “Rinse,” was the operative word between drilling.  Am I dating myself here?

Anyway, for 14 cavities, I was scheduled for 14 weeks of drilling and spent one dreadful day after school each week in the dentist’s chair.  “Raise your hand when it hurts too much,” said he, just like my hygienist said today.  And up went my hand unbidden even though I tried to be so brave and stoic.


A raised hand spelled instant relief as the dentist would stop drilling for a second or two.  Unfortunately, he would begin his grisly business again.  Blessed were the times when my mouth filled with saliva and he would stop on his own and say, “Rinse!” And I would bend over a bowl and swish as slowly as possible.

Fillings were that amalgam stuff too, now considered dangerous due to mercury poisoning.  I was being poisoned!  No wonder Mom hated dentists!  But, most of my original fillings are now replaced with something supposedly better that doesn’t last as long.


So this afternoon in the dentist’s torture chamber I was wandering down memory lane in a kind of nightmare of recollections.  There was the time I had all my wisdom teeth pulled.  Thank goodness there was Novocaine for that, but the dentist had to put his foot on the chair for better traction and even called in another patient to help hold the chisel! This is a true story.

But, dentistry has “come a long way baby,” and aren’t we lucky now?   They even play distracting music in some offices.  I was feeling pretty smug about all the marvelous advances in modern dentistry until I heard those dread words once again, “Just raise your hand if you are experiencing any discomfort!”  Uh oh!  I must have had a terrified look on my face because the hygenist kept saying, ” Are you o.k.?”

Never did raise my hand though.  Bravery runs in the family.

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