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I do not have a zoom lens and this was taken with my cell phone camera, but I like it anyway.  There are so many colors in those clouds and the whole fuzzy effect is vaguely impressionistic.

Moon Colors


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Lingering Pink Cloud

A pink cloud in an otherwise ordinary sky

escapes the mundane white on blue,

floating, floating aimlessly by

 displaying its gossamer baby pink hue.

A feather drifting softly through space,

  a lingering apparition,

floating away to dissipate 

  and return to imagination.






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Color Me Pink

I am lately obsessed with color –  bright brilliant color. 

Shopping for something new this afternoon, I bypassed shades of gray, maroon, brown,

and leaned to yellows, oranges and pinks.

I linger over technicolor versions of life in magazines brashly, brazenly heralding Spring.

The marketeers know we are mostly fed up in this part of the world with winter blahs,

and they plot to capitalize on our yearnings for color like the color of the sky at dusk.

The Virginia sky at dusk is sometimes the color of Spring!

In the Land of Oz

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I love the space between day and night

when the clouds portend the end.

And when the sky shifts,

shrouded with filtered light

and a quiet peace descends.

Dusk in the Treetops

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Rainbow 1The Artist's Brush

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Edge of Darkness

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This Way to Heaven

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Every fingerprint is unique.

So goes the sky.

Golden Linings

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Clouds Parting for the Sun 1

Parting Clouds

Look up!

What do you see?

I see the clouds parting to let in the sun

because I called it this morning with all my might,

imagining I could catch the light

as it came pouring through the haze.

And the outcome was the joy of wonder

at the transformation to a true blue sky.

Look up!

What do you see?

I see that I have commanded the heavens

and now I am reaching for the clouds.

Clouds Parting for the Sun 2

Reach for the Clouds

Reach for the Clouds

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This morning was “haunting” befitting a Halloween morning following Super Storm Sandy.

There was a sense of eeriness in the sky.  

The old barn across the way took on a mysterious mantle.

The mountains of the beautiful Blue Ridge exposed an eerie light.

And suddenly as if to say, “I’m sorry,” the looming clouds turned pink and bright

and shared the promise of a new day.

Eeerie Halloween Morn

Dawn Breaks on Halloween


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