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Barn Beauty 2

Isn’t she lovely?  Reminds me of a song!   I do love the way the owners painted this sweet little barn in white and then added contrasting blue trim.  Maybe it was a woman artist.

There is pride in evidence, but  I think this barn is no longer in use.

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The Shadow Knows

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Mini Daffodils Awaken

Mini Daffodils Awaken

They say there’s another storm en route

and March does not mean winter’s fled.

Still the daffys smile and sprout,

Proclaiming spring is just ahead!

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DairyIt was a dairy.

They say it was the most active dairy in my county.

But that was before I arrived.

Today this lovely building is across the street from a Walmart and a strip mall, a bank, and a home improvement mega store.

The dairy and barn is now a Rent-all resource, mostly for farm equipment and hard-to-find tools.

If you don’t look too closely, you can imagine how it was when it was an active dairy in a truly rural Virginia community.

I have blocked out the traffic of course, and all the evidence of  “progress.”

I am imagining this is the way it was.

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Crumbling Bldg

“They never tear anything down in our county.  They just let things crumble away.”

That was a statement made by my old friend, Viola, a local girl who loved to drive around the county to explore this part of the Shenandoah Valley.  And she would point out crumbling barns, rusting gas stations and collapsing homes.

And sure enough, she was right.  This area is just a treasure trove of disintegrating buildings. They are in various states of disrepair and every time I see another I imagine people there and I weave stories.

But here is this square little building I see almost every day and still have no idea what it might have been.  Perhaps it was a store before because it is not as welcoming as a home, or maybe it was a gas station, or a bank.  In the early stages of decay, it still seems so strong and sturdy, but each time I look, something else is crumbling away.

I feel sad about crumbling buildings.  They are like people giving up on life, just waiting to be rescued before the end.

Note:  Rumor around here is this building was a “weigh station.”  There was a quarry nearby and truckswith their loads of rock were driven onto a scale to determine prices.  The quarry expanded across the highway and a new weigh station was built.  What does this building look like to you?

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Rays of Light

A wintry landscape  sees no end,

not enough snow for beauty,

not enough light for joy.

A gray day developing

a gray mood.

Where is the sun?



Here it comes!

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What is it about the outside world that always makes me look UP?  The camera wants to point that way too.  So, there I was,  in the middle of the most beautiful fallen snow, with roadways and buildings and vegetation just waiting to have their pictures taken, and instead I looked up.

As always,  I think of each skylight as sending a secret messages. What are the messages here?  Well, they are secret of course, but can you guess?

Winter Skylight 1

Winter Skylight2

Winter Skylight 3

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Home Fires Burning 2 Cozy Home Fires Burning

Here’s winter now with its first  big snow,

and the dog and I sit beside a cozy hearth side fire

 reflecting on a bygone day of summer fun

 lounging  in  the sun!

Not the Hot SeatCrepe Myrtle in Winter 2

Memories of Summer Barbecues

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Beeuteeful Fenceline AAIt’s here!

The first big snow of 2013!

And as always, I waited with great excitement for the first flakes to fall.

Born and bred in Florida, I suppose the thrill of snow will never fade and even though we lost power last night at 7PM and  it is still gone and we are still struggling with the generator, I am absolutely thrilled to see the first real snow of the year.  And it is soooooo beautiful as the sun shines on glistening heavy laden limbs and the countryside is glowing in pristine white like a young bride.

I went out as quickly as possible to get pictures!

Bring on the Sun

Crepe Myrtle in Winter


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Kids Playce

Kids Playce

O.K., I’m walking for good health –  just like the doctor ordered.  Today I was moving more than sitting.  Now I am sitting very still because I’m stiff and creaky and sore.  After all, 10,000 steps is a real milestone right?  Well, I did stop here and there to snap pictures.  And I did stop here and there for a brief rest.  I even stopped in at Curves and did my rounds (for upper body strength) and then collapsed in their easy chair to regain strength for the return walk.   I feel smug indeed.  But, I may never do this again because I may never be able to move again!

Meanwhile, let me share my camera walking “finds” from today’s expedition.

Kids Playce is a children’s playground where I stop to admire what this community has created.  A grand collection of slides and swings and hiding places and mystery make this a playground like no other.  I always took my grandgirls there, even when they were almost ready to leave childhood behind.  It was on their request list.  “Grandma – can we go to the playground puleeze?”  And it’s where they burned off a whole lot of energy.  Me too – just watching.

Kids Playce Playground

Donor Names are On Kids Playce Fence Posts

Donor Names are On
Kids Playce Fence Posts

Just past Kids Playce is a house I always admire – a Victorian beauty the owners have not been afraid to paint in great colors to highlight its storybook lines.  I feel like Alice in Wonderland as I pass by.

Victorian Architecture

Sometimes I wander then, into the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, where the confederate general and his family are all buried.  It’s a city cemetery and my Mom is there too, and my first best friend when we moved here.  So, it’s a sad place, but always lovely and peaceful.  There are red ribbons and flowers now adorning many of the headstones since it is the Christmas season.  And as I looked around today, there stood a little holly tree, full of berries.  It speaks of life even in that solemn place.

Xmas in the Cemetery

And then there was the old tree with its base so gnarled and scarred that I dubbed it The Battle at Wounded Tree!  It too, is a survivor and is probably feeling stiff and sore like me.  Still it grasps at the sky for the sunlight and is beautiful in some ancient way.

Battle at Wounded Tree

Reaching for the Sky

And finally I stagger home with pride and head straight to the medicine cabinet for some Tylenol Extra Strength!  Maybe I will leave the 10,000 steps for once a week?  Or once a month?  We’ll see.

Home Again Home Again

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