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A deck-side view holds me still and admiring

a waning Shenandoah summer.

Is it really time to take the umbrella down?

One more day.  One more day.

Fading Summer

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The Daily Post:  Photo Challenge

Summer Lovin’

Show us something you love.  It could be your favorite novel,

the light of the moon on your deck at night, the beach on a hot day,

or that special you-know-who.  Get creative!

Miracles of Summer

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RoundbalesWeekly Photo Challenge:  Room

In this week’s photo challenge, share your take on the idea of room – it could be an actual room in your house, a favorite gallery in your local museum, a cubicle at work.  You could also take this challenge in a more abstract direction, and show us where you feel like you have room – or lack of it.

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Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever was a movie released in 1970. 

The star was Barbara Streisand.

But I remember the phrase more for having heard it over and over again on a long ago trip to Switzerland.   I was the so-called Director of International Activities for a trade association accompanying groups of printers to Europe (for “educational purposes”).   In reality I was the unofficial complaint department mostly there to make sure the group stayed happy.

And there we were in Switzerland!  Endless views of beautiful mountain ranges right?

Mountains?  What mountains?  They told us there were mountains but the fog was so thick we could hardly see the farmer’s fields.

Our tour guide kept saying of the imaginary views, “On a clear day you can see forever!”   Even when we all went to what might have been the highest point on the Jungfrau, we saw nothing but fog and there our guide expounded again (albeit, apologetically), “On a clear day you can see forever.”

Now I realize I could not  blame him for something that was caused by the weather, but surely something could have been done for the sake of Americans expecting scenery to go with their visions of the Sound of Music.

Which brings me to today right here in the U.S.A. – no groups of tourists to please but it is definitely a clear day and you can actually see forever.  Travel is not necessary.

Summer View Blue Ridge Mtns

And after last night’s storm I am no longer a closet dweller!

And thank you so much to those who share my inordinate fear of storms.  “Misery loves company!”

Also thanks to those who so smugly reminded us they “love storms” and describe how they stand outside to watch.  I don’t know why I am thanking this group except to remind myself they have probably already been struck by lightning and don’t even know it.

Ahhhh – But on this clear day, I am strong, brave, and generous of spirit.

I love you all!


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Last of the Redbuds

Last of the Redbuds

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Nothing but Blue Skies Do I See

Nothing but Blue Skies
Do I See

Last Howl of Winter

Last Howl of Winter

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Little White Barn

All manner of creatures munch critter-salads

in that field,

living in harmony upon a giving land

that was seeded by a loving hand.

But the little white barn is shelter

 from harsh winds and stinging cold

and offers safety, unaware

of creeping disrepair

and like a devoted mother she waits and calls,

“Come home.”

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Feather Weed

  The weeds looked bedraggled in a solemn winter landscape,

beaten down by voracious winds,

sapped of energy by caustic cold

until the sun shone for an instant long enough,

and I bent with lens to get a little closer

and zoomed to erase her weed-companions.

And from the chaos of that weedy patch emerged 

a dramatic apparition waving in a sunny breeze,

 staunchly standing  in a blanched terrain,

made beautiful by its singular independence.

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We Think Noche Feels At Home

We Thought Noche Felt at Home

Yesterday after two weeks we took Noche, the beautiful German Shepherd, back to her owner.  It was so cold and windy at the drop off point that I forgot to take pictures in favor of fast hugs and farewells.  But I did get some photos of her last days at the farm/camp for canines/our house.  It was awfully cold here too but Noche didn’t seem to notice much, either outside or in, during her visit.Bill and Noche - Into the Wild

Treats on a Chilly Walk

Treats on a Chilly Walk

Window Onto  a Ccccold World

Window Onto
a Ccccold World

I cried when we all parted.  What a big baby huh?  Still, in two weeks you can get attached to a critter, especially one as sweet and gentle as this one.  I miss our afternoon play games when she brings out her “babies” (stuffed toys) one by one and dares me to take them.  I miss her morning reminders that it’s time to get up and go out at 7:30 AM sharp (how does she tell time?).  I miss her spontaneous kisses and her silent secret way of following me from room to room.

After Play

After Play

So once again – Farewell Noche!  We loved having you and we hope your pawrents will bring you back soon!

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Rural Church and Hay Bales 2

In A Country Church

Here in this little country church
Where peace has found a home
I am the only person here
Though quite happy on my own.

I am not a man to pray
Not of the religious kind
But something I have seen today
Will long live in my mind.

Rows of timber seats spotless clean
An altar gleaming white
And window glass stained blue and green
Take glare out of sunlight.

Somewhere in this World today
A new born baby cries
And somewhere in a battlefield far, far away
A wounded soldier dies.

How come we the human breed
Cannot live in peace together
Is it jealousy or greed
That makes us fight each other?

Even the longest life is brief
Short will be our stay
And death will come just like a thief
And from us take life away.

Silence and peace ‘twould seem to me
Has found a place to hide
In little church by wooded hill
In peaceful countryside.

I have found something in here
I’ve never had before
Something that may disappear
When I walk out the door.

Francis Duggan

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Green Green Grass of Home

First time visitors to my home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia always have the same thing to say, “It’s so GREEN!”

They sound amazingly surprised and their impressions take me back to when I first arrived from arid Arizona.  How could I fail to be impressed?   “It’s so GREEN!” I said.

Of course there is a faded winter here as well.  And some simmering summers challenge the vegetation, and even fall can be drought-stressed.

But oh, the glory of a full blown spring preceded by a wet winter, and now, just enough daring sunshine to brew  a massive push for life!

And,  Boom!  Suddenly everything is verdant, bursting, lush!

Visiting a garden nursery this morning, I found myself listlessly wandering among the flowerscape of options.  There was no real motivation.   After all, the green landscape is almost blinding.  Why fight it with competitive color?

Mist in the Treetops

“Didn’t we just mow?” I ask.  “Yes, two days ago!  We mowed two days ago and it’s time to mow again!”

How exciting to literally watch the grass grow and the world flourish,

and there is no better way to describe this valley than to say,

“It’s so GREEN!”

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