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Rural Church and Hay Bales 2

In A Country Church

Here in this little country church
Where peace has found a home
I am the only person here
Though quite happy on my own.

I am not a man to pray
Not of the religious kind
But something I have seen today
Will long live in my mind.

Rows of timber seats spotless clean
An altar gleaming white
And window glass stained blue and green
Take glare out of sunlight.

Somewhere in this World today
A new born baby cries
And somewhere in a battlefield far, far away
A wounded soldier dies.

How come we the human breed
Cannot live in peace together
Is it jealousy or greed
That makes us fight each other?

Even the longest life is brief
Short will be our stay
And death will come just like a thief
And from us take life away.

Silence and peace ‘twould seem to me
Has found a place to hide
In little church by wooded hill
In peaceful countryside.

I have found something in here
I’ve never had before
Something that may disappear
When I walk out the door.

Francis Duggan


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