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Pedometer 1

The final indignity that has opted me out of modern gadgetry was an old reliable pedometer that finally ran out of batteries .

And of course, no one could figure out how to open the battery box.

Maybe it was frozen in shock at how few steps I walked in the last five years.

I mourned that little pedometer and somehow knew a substitute would require a Masters’ Degree in Programming and hours of frustration to get up and running walking.

Forced to buy a new pedometer- three or four new ones  to be exact- they all challenged my intelligence.

It’s not that I’m not intelligent.  I used to be considered a bright child.

But that was in the good old days when life was simple.  There were no huge technological innovations calculated to make things easier.

Life was easy enough with Off and On switches you might have to get up for.

But I am ranting.

Even after hours of reading and re-reading I could not decipher the directions to all the new pedometers stacking up in a secret hiding place reserved for storing complicated gadgets.

Asking for help, as you may know, is humiliating.

But trying one last time, I ordered a supposedly SIMPLE  PEDOMETER that “is operational right out of the box!”


I could hardly contain my excitement when it came – a simple little drop-in-your-pocket pedometer with great big Easy Read Numbers and a little pull-tag.

I pulled the tag (according to the directions) and it was ready to go!  No intelligence required!

But where were the instructions to program calories burned, body mass indexes, breaths per minute, miles consumed, muscle contractions, levels of perspiration, or all that other irrelevant stuff?  Not there.  What a relief!

All I ever wanted to know was STEPS!

And, although I hardly believe it, this little gadget ONLY REGISTERS STEPS!

No need to purchase another 550 page book on Pedometers for Dummies (I wonder if there really is such a book)!  I already have Computers for Dummies, Windows 10 for Dummies, and Office for Dummies, plus a few more.

“By golly,” as they used to say in the good old days, when I was intelligent,  “Someone has figured out how to regress to simpler times.”  Kudos to the inventor of this precious little Steps Only Pedometer!

And  now maybe I can fool the world into thinking I have a Master’s Degree in Programming.

Why can’t everything else be this easy?

Why do I always have to pull out the directions for my self cleaning oven?

Shouldn’t I just be able to hit “Clean??


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There is something about replacing gadgets with new gadgets that makes men slightly obsessive.

 Like Bill absolutely had to have a new e-book thing this year even though he already had an older new one.

The newest version he has now is thinner and a little bigger and may have one or two new functions.

He has a smart phone too of course.  Like I said – “gadget mania.”

One day I walked by his den and overheard him shouting, “I’ll have a ham sandwich please!”

Since we don’t get delivery service out here in the boonies, I asked, “Who were you talking to?”

“I was translating English to German.”


Fortunately, when Bill upgrades, I get the hand-me-downs.  Or maybe UNfortunately.  Even used gadgets require trial, error, and screaming urges to throw the durned things away.   My hand-me-down Kindle is one of those aggravating things but that’s another blogging story.

THIS story is about the POSITIVE side of technology to achieve physical fitness!

Computer Step Tracking

My wonderful son and family gave me a brand new FitBit thing for Christmas that is now my constant companion!

  You wear it on your wrist like a decorative bracelet and it records your steps.  I have it set for a daily goal of 6,000 steps and will work up to 10,000 steps, at which time I will be regressing in years and gaining stamina and achieving eternal youth and beauty.

But really – there is something about the little FitBit wrist band that is inspirational.

You just tap it to see where you are.  And then on the computer you can access the FitBit Dashboard to see exactly how many steps were taken today, yesterday, or the day before, and how many total for all days.

Because this amazing bracelet is always wirelessly watching and counting, I  am now walking in strange places just to add more steps.  For instance, today I walked around a hospital parking lot while waiting for a friend to be released.  Would you believe there is a barn right on the edge of the hospital complex?

Barn at the edge of a major hospital.

Barn at the edge of a major hospital.

I even sleep in my FitBit because I might move my legs in a walking dream and maybe add extra steps!

There are other functions it performs too, like recording calories in and calories out, and sleep patterns.  But I just let it count steps.

I am step-by-step stepping my way to fitness with a brand new gadget that actually works with only a minimum of setting up frustration and no urges to throw it away.

Note:  Please don’t hold me to these lofty aspirations.  It’s only January and I have been known to abandon fitness goals by February 1st. 

I have even abandoned a 10 minute Vibration Machine (supposedly a substitute for a 10 hour workout)

in favor of  curling up by a warm fire with a good book and a few chocolates.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

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