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Lenoir,_Charles-Amable_-_Elegant_LadyIn the old days it was said  a lady was not completely a lady unless she drifted around casting her own personal scent.

Perfumes are still globally hot items of course, even though ladies do not usually “drift” anymore and maybe they don’t even trail their favorite scents behind them.

I just read a fascinating story from Kate’s blog,  Lady in Transition, who wrote To Dab or Not to Dab, about the reason she often opts not to dab her favorite aroma.  It has to do with allergies.

Who knew there were so many additives in perfumes and colognes?   And even though suffocated in the presence of over-dabbed damsels, I was not aware of the severe allergies to manufactured aromas prevalent in today’s society.

Kate’s fascinating story got me thinking about other reasons “to dab or not to dab.”

You see, since moving to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, I have learned a thing or two about achieving comfort and survival in the countryside.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Vine en.wikipedia.com

Poison Ivy Vine

For instance, I recognize poison ivy now.  It has a vine stem with a beard!  The point is to avoid all bearded vines!  This is called Country Knowledge.

Puff Balls, Paw Paws, and Wine Berries  

Giant Puff Ball From www.earthweeds.com

Giant Puff Ball
From http://www.earthweeds.com


I also learned about Puff Balls (the big round white mushrooms that can grow to the size of volley balls) and Paw Paws (an ugly fruit that is actually very sweet) and Virginia Wine Berries (better than raspberries!)  Knowing about such natural edibles in rural Virginia is called Country Living at its Best.

Bowl of Beautiful Wine Berries

Bowl of Beautiful Wine Berries

 High Heels, Slopes and Gravel 

Then there are the perils of wearing high heels on gravel drives, or wet soles on slippery slopes.  And that is called Broken Ankle Wisdom.


Eventually I learned about the magnificent power of COLOGNE  (not the city, although there is a city in Germany called that).

I finally discovered my own individual, romantic,

devastating, killer scent!  

One close whiff and  an enchantress emerges

who causes mere mortals to faint with pleasure.

Actually,  the compliments never fail to amaze.

“Oh, you smell so good!”

“What is that scent you are wearing?”

“You smell great – even at the gym.”

There is one problem though.

I can only wear the magic cologne in winter!

And that is called Country Living the Hard Way.

The evil witch must have cast a spell. And like the princess in a fairy tale, I only awaken after a long, spring-summer-autumn slumber, and suddenly become the elegant drifting lady, devastating anyone with a discerning nose.

Winter is sadly the only time I can trail that musky invitation to elegant passion, thereby returning to my rightful place in fairy tale splendor.

But today it is spring, one of the no-no seasons when there is no scent at all.  Bleh!

And so sorry you could not detect that glorious aroma this winter through the blog-us-fear.

But I just know you are dying to ask the reason for restrictive winter wafting.

The answer is that at any other time of year, Dor’s devastating cologne not only attracts devoted people,

It draws bugs!

Elegant Lady painting by Charles-Amalde Lenoir (1860-1926);  Oil on Canvas; private collection; Image from Wikimedia Commons, the Free Media Repository; commons.wikimedia.org 


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