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3 Grandgirls II

D Jess n BIt was an auspicious ending to four years of dedicated study/parties/friendships/and fun.  Bill and I, our son, and our three grandgirls celebrated the night before with dinner at the Sheridan Livery Inn in downtown Lexington, Virginia.

Then yesterday Jess graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VA Tech)!

The Graduate

We all staggered awake at 6:00AM to get Jess to the stadium field on time (by 9:00 AM).  As it turned out, 6:00 wasn’t early enough.  It was stop and go traffic backed up for miles, all inching toward the same parking lot.  At 9:05 Jess jumped ship and walked ran the rest of the way.

Would we miss the ceremony?  Talk about stress!

Safely parked, we then attacked the bleachers of Mt. Everest (I mean Lane Stadium).   In a high altitude breathing vacuum, we managed to find seats high above “the madding crowd” where, surprisingly, natural breathing eventually returned.

We actually spotted Jess and her cap in the thousands of graduates below.

Can you see her in this crowd too?  She’s the one in the white cap – front row right across from the boy/or maybe a girl in jeans.1st white cap across from man in jenes

Anyway – Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, gave the commencement address.  I thought he was truly inspiring as he urged graduates to positively change the world with open minded interpretation of technology and  innovative thinking.

Miraculously, after all was said and done, we were able to find each other again in an atmosphere of general chaos.

It was then I knew what Mr. Schmidt meant about changing the world.  Our family would never have connected without cell phone communication.   And Bill and I would never have found our way out of the parking lot without a GPS system in the car.

But Congratulations again Jess on all your accomplishments.  We wish you well as you head for the graduate school program in Human Resource Management at Michigan State University!  I have a feeling you will change the world.

We were a tired crew arriving back in Lexington yesterday afternoon.  Hungry too.  But it was a beautiful day filled with beautiful smiles and a whole lot of pride.Kitchen Rampage

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