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Cloud Shower

I was gazing skyward at a woven tapestry of clouds

seemingly moving in an organized palette

to a pre-planned downward fall

 in a Cloud Shower.

Heaven offers an endless array of artistic views

and some need to be remembered.






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Lingering Pink Cloud

A pink cloud in an otherwise ordinary sky

escapes the mundane white on blue,

floating, floating aimlessly by

 displaying its gossamer baby pink hue.

A feather drifting softly through space,

  a lingering apparition,

floating away to dissipate 

  and return to imagination.






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Another morning.

Another view from my kitchen window.  

Ho Hum!

Another day.

What did I miss a minute ago?

Was it the long view?

I hate to leave my kitchen window.


Duplicate Cloud Formations

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The Impressionistic Sky

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Much as the sea ever changing, so does the sky entrance me!

Twin Cloud Formations

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