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Painting Steeple

Painter on Scaffold

Yesterday I was happy to see they are once again painting the beautiful restored steeple of the Lexington Presbyterian Church.  I remember this was the same church that was on fire in 2002 and how horrified we were watching the steeple actually fall down.

The Virginia State Police  ruled the fire was accidental in nature,

the result of the heating of wood while workers were scraping paint.


The church is a downtown landmark on the National Historic Register and was attended by Thomas Johnathan “Stonewall” Jackson who was known to fall asleep during sermons.

From en.wikipedia.org :

Lexington Presbyterian Church is a historic Presbyterian church building at Main and Nelson Streets in Lexington, Virginia. It was designed by noted architect Thomas U. Walter in 1843, and completed in 1845. A rear addition was built in 1859; stucco added in the 1880s; the building was renovated and enlarged in 1899; and the Sunday School wing was added in 1906. It is a monumental “T”-shaped, temple form stuccoed brick building in the Greek Revival style. The front facade features a Greek Doric pedimented peristyle portico consisting of six wooden columns and a full entablature. The building is topped by a tower with louvered belfry and spire.

Starting in 1851, Stonewall Jackson was a member of the church and taught Sunday school.  In 1863 he was buried in the church’s cemetery.



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O.K. – Don’t shoot me!  I know the title is deceiving.

I am adding a new category though and calling it  “Drive-By Photography.”

Drive-by-Shooting (as in camera shutters) might initially gain new viewers  since folks are drawn to high drama, but yes, that would be just too deceptive.

So, what do I mean by Drive-By Photography?”

Well, sometimes I’m too lazy to get out of the car to snap a picture, so I either roll down the window and catch a side view or aim through the windshield and hope there are no bug splatters to corrupt the scene.

Hence, following the new Drive-by-Shooting plan, I will go for a little drive and stop in likely places to capture the peaceful, bucolic essence of country living – all from the inside out!

The following photos are from Day #1 of The Plan, which wound up featuring a beautiful little country church.  I must admit I did get out of the car for these shots, so that’s cheating, right?  But, who could resist?

I do love the idea of a Drive-By-ShootingPhoto category.  It’s reserved only for those rare lazier days of course. Ha!

And before you condemn the idea remember it requires a certain degree of skill in focus to shoot from the inside out.

Come to think of it,  I did get the first view of the little church from my car.  Maybe that’s why it is slightly crooked.

Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Falling Spring Church Plaque Falling Spring Church Graveyard

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