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My only excuse is the fall colors have not quite arrived in this part of the world.  Oh, there are falling leaves all right, but there no really vibrant colors yet.   It’s sweater weather and feels like autumn.  It even looks a bit like it.  Maybe if we add our own color, we can hurry the process along.

Bill and I are craving the look and feel of a fall season that isn’t really here yet.  From grocery store to grocery store and all over the garden and home improvement centers there are vibrant displays of chrysanthemums in a myriad of colors.  And we simply cannot resist.

I love this one because it looks like the daisies of summer.  Why am I craving summer flowers when the air is suddenly suggestive of cozy winter evenings near the wood stove?  Is it because we always want what we can’t have?  We even wound up with a bunch of bright yellow mums.  Are we lamenting the loss of summer?  I didn’t think so.

We have some impatiens left but the nights are getting colder and threatening frost.  I thought last night would do them in, but they remain stoic in the protected front garden with the house walls behind to warm them.

And of course we had to have a pumpkin too and found a beauty for $3.98.  “Artfully” placed we hope that Peter Pumpkin will add more color to what should eventually be nature’s normally brilliant display.

I think the autumn season is lovely all by itself and needs no further human adornment.  Still, it’s fun to try to stage the show with just a bit of our own invention, especially when the changing leaves are changing too slowly to suit us.


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I planned to camera-walk again this morning but got side tracked pulling weeds.  The wet summer has made a mess of every flower bed and border in the garden.  And once started weeding, it’s like blogging – I simply cannot stop.  Now I can hardly move of course, and  every stiff, awkward movement is accompanied by an audible groan.

Bill felt sorry for me and said, “Let’s go out for dinner.”  Hard as it was to get up and ready, I did not refuse!  Afterward, inspired by the few weed-free improvements in the garden, we decided to buy chrysanthemums to brighten things up for autumn.  Needless to say, I did not forget my camera which I have now named “Pal.”

But instead of photos of mums, I got sidetracked again.  On the way out,  Pal was impressed with the weed bed along the road.  Mind you, I was not tempted to pull these.  I’m not sure what kind of weeds they are, but the mustard yellow show is lovely.

Then in the parking lot of the garden center, there was an unusual sight.  It was a van covered over with bumper stickers and toys, and all manner of objects I could not readily identify.   I tried to imagine the owner.  One of the stickers says “Camp Divorce.com,” and another says, “Kiss Me!” so I suppose he (she?) is a footloose and happy individual.  What do you think?

Meanwhile the home improvement center also proclaimed a SALE of twin red kayaks (I think they are kayaks. I know they are not canoes anyway) which were standing bravely against a fence.  Bright as they were, they seemed a bit sad as they faced a disinterested crowd and the loss of another summer.

I never did get pictures of the mums we bought but will try again when they are planted and erupt in a profusion of happy color.  Bill will have to do the planting since I can no longer bend over.  Well, yes I can actually bend over but unbending would be the unsightly, painful problem.

The real hero in this story is Pal, my trusty new companion.  I am amazed at the new kinship we have formed.  Pal is usually quiet, but tends to see things I would miss otherwise, and then gives me a gentle mental nudge as if to say, “Picture THIS!”

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