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Sighted in Parking Lot

Big Foot Sighted in Lowe’s Parking Lot

Yes, there have been sightings.

Like the time someone saw Big Foot in the parking lot of Lowe’s!

Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic


And the small touches made to hearth and home.

Small Touches

And thanks to Big Foot, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

Big Foot has not been seen baking yet but is sort of enjoying sympathetic tsk-tsk-tsks and oohs and awws .

So, after all these years of hiding in the woods, the monster emerging has its up side.

One does have to keep going in spite of a swollen foot that keeps on achin’.

Big Foot in Person

Big Foot in Person


But, No, it is not gout.

And No, it is not a clot.

It is not even a recognizable break.

And my doc says one swollen foot is not associated with diabetes either.

An MRI is next.

Then hopefully Big Foot will rejoin his reindeer friends in the deep forest and

we mortal souls can get on with preparing for Christmas.





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2006 Xmas Centerpiece

It was 2006 and my friend Janet was visiting Bill and me here in Virginia.  We were Christmas shopping at a lovely country store when she came upon some sparkly pomegranates and bought them all.

Always attempting to follow Janet’s lead for innovative decorating ideas, I wanted those poms too.  I had no idea what to do with them but  I was moaning and groaning anyway because the shop was all sold out.  “Oh well,” I thought, “I wonder what she will do with them as she decorates her home for the holidays.”

Much to my amazement, Janet gave me the ornaments and then went even further.  Using the poms, she devised a lovely centerpiece for my holiday table.  It is Christmas 2014 and I am still beyond grateful.

Of course I realize “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” but in some cases the recipient feels forever blessed for such signs as this beautiful gift of friendship.

I have re-constituted Janet’s Pomegranate Centerpiece every year since.  Janet may not be visiting this year, but our friend is definitely at our table.



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Christmas Tree ReflectionsRandom 5 Friday

I maintained my “up” attitude this week.  This may be the longest stretch of joy since nineteen hundred and fifty nine.  By this time in the holiday season I am ordinarily “snarky,” as my friend, MJ says, and it all began with a Christmas tree.

  • Bill  agreed to purchase a real Christmas tree EARLY this year since our weather here is so tricky! The idea of searching  in a downpour did it.  In Bill’s family the tradition was to find and decorate a tree on Xmas Eve.  But my family liked to get it all together quickly in order to extend the suspense.  Well, the weather worked in my favor this year.   We not only found the perfect tree but brought it inside yesterday (because the forecast was for cold rain!) and last night we put on the lights and I finished adding all the memory infused ornaments.  Hurrah for bad weather!
Mondo Cookies

MJ’s Mondo Cookies

  • Today I made MJ’s Mondo cookies!  MJ is one of my favorite bloggers.  She calls her cookies “The Un-Christmas Cookies, but they are scrumptious and beautiful and perfect for any holiday.  You can visit her at Emjayandthem’s Blog.  Hurrah for MJ!
  • This week I also found a pair of skinny jeans with sparkles on the butt!  I may be a bit ancient for a sparkly rear, but hey, why not?  I am fortunate (or perhaps unfortunate) to be blessed with skinny legs and a flat bottom. The rest is indescribable.  But these wondrous jeans fit!  Hurrah for holiday miracles!
Skinny Jeans with Rear End Sparklers

Skinny Jeans with Rear End Sparklers

  • Friend Joan and I had lunch in downtown Lexington, Virginia. Our lunches last for hours since we have so much to talk about, catch up on and share.  We dined at the newly restored Robert E. Lee Hotel in their restaurant called Rocca’s!  Downtown was buzzing too but I managed to squeeze in a haircut.
  • Then Bill and I had dinner with other great friends, Pete and Phebe.  Our favorite “haunt” is Frank’s Pizza because that’s where all the action is.  At our age it doesn’t really take much action, but there is something about Franks’ or maybe something in their sauce that reduces us all to uncontrollable laughter.  Hurrah for ageless hilarity.Franks-sign-320-x-200

Well, in spite of being deeply enthralled with my latest Doomsday book, Year of Wonders, (about the Plague) I am in a holiday sort of mood.  Hurrah for jingling bells and Christmas cards in the mail, and a home that looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.  And hurrah for a great family and good friends!

And although I cannot believe it myself, I am saying, “Hurrah for bad weather!”

Oh Christmas Tree2






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Gingerbread HouseWell, the Christmas season has officially begun in my house.   It started with a magical visit from one grown up grandgirl.

Funny things happened when the little girl Jess, who was such a cute baby suddenly drove herself to our house from afar.

Like Giggles:   Remembering and talking about things like her first attempt at baking brownies.  Those were the ones that came out 1/8th  inch thick from using a cookie sheet.  Giggles remembering her 10 year old trials and errors.

But here she is all grown up and beautiful.  She obviously takes after me!

“Let’s go to the movies to see Frozen!” we said.  And so we went – the old grandfolks and the beautiful young woman-grandgirl all grown up.  And how intent we all were so  rapt in the balcony of our one little downtown theater.  We came home smiling.

Then, “Let’s make a gingerbread house!” she cried.   Really?  And off to the big box store we went for a gingerbread house kit.  Have we regressed to childhood?  Who is this child-woman who wishes to relive the halcyon days of yore?  She made the lopsided windowless gingerbread dwelling.  And we are still smiling.

But what would the holidays be without a performance of The Nutcracker?  And there we were, all three once again grinning and engaged in a live production by the Shenandoah Ballet at Washington and Lee University’s Lenfest Center for the Arts.   And we are still smiling.

The once little girl who loved Christmas came to us for a visit to share her love.  She is all grown up now but still wonder-filled.

And we are still smiling.

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It’s here.  It’s upon us.  It suddenly crept up and took me unawares.  Today I went to town for a haircut and suddenly noticed the streets of Lexington, Virginia are festooned with decorations for Christmas!  And it’s the day before Thanksgiving!

No, I’m not really complaining.  There’s something about twinkling lights and poinsettias that add cheer to a dismal winter season.  After all, it’s a time for singing, rejoicing and of course indulging in forbidden delicacies.  I too, have begun holiday shopping and wrapping, so I’m in the spirit – well sort of.

Non-Cooking Without Crowds

Which brings me to Thanksgiving, which has not yet occurred, but feels like it’s over already.  Alas, this year my spouse and I will be sans visitors.  Nope – no kids, no families, no neighbors, no strays – nobody but us.  Please do not mourn for this devastated, lonely old couple.

We do not feel alone.  For the last month our son and our grandgirls have visited  twice at our home, and then came  old friends for several days too.  I know – it’s not the same as family and friends  sharing THE holidays, but you can have chestnuts by an open fire without crowds can’t you?

Cooking Non-Cooking is one of the benefits of a lonely holiday season.  I’m not saying, “Woe is me,” mind you, but I expect words of sympathy will be flying across the blogusfear anyway, especially when you read what’s on our Thanksgiving menu.

Turkey Ala Butterball– Yes!  I will definitely have to cook that fresh.

Jellied Cranberry Sauce Ala Can Can (from a can)

Stuffing Ala Stovetop – 5 minutes to prepare (from a box)

Savory Gravy – Delightfully Prepared  (Available in glass jars)

Unbelievable Mashed Potatoes – Pre-prepared Microwavable Variety

(Only a Gourmet Cook Would Know the Difference)

Dor’s Famous Carrots and Turnips 

(Just boil til tender and mash ‘em up with butter – Yum!

Green Beans May-be

And finally – Pumpkin Pie Perfection – Courtesy of Marie Callender

I know.  I know.  Almost everything is either from a can, a jar, or a box! 

But doesn’t it all sound delicious?  And I have a feeling it will be just that – a scrumptious meal with all the right trimmings and none of the work or the gnashing of teeth or the 5AM early-to-rise non-stop preparations.  I simply cannot wait for tomorrow to come!  And I haven’t done a thing yet.  And please don’t remind me about the dangers of ingesting prepared foods.  This is a HOLIDAY!  I might even drink diet colas and eat more than that meager little slice of pumpkin pie designated for the “little woman” in the house.  Like I said, I can’t wait for tomorrow!

And what will we do for entertainment?  I think there will be a great movie at our local cinema, or I can see the whole darned Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!  And later on, when the big feast bloating has subsided, there’s always more pie in the kitchen!

Will we miss family and friends this Holiday season?  Definitely.  My son and daughter-in-law,now living in California,  are having 25 people for dinner tomorrow, while my three grandgirls in Virginia will be sharing the holiday with their Mom.   Of course, I am having twinges of loneliness for all of them.  On the other hand, I am having twinges of thanksgiving that we are all healthy and happy in our various parts of the world.

So, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all – to my family, my real-time friends, and my blogger friends somewhere out there in cyberspace.  May your holidays be filled with cheer, no matter how you achieve it, within the bounds of good taste of course.

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