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Underwood TyperIn this age of wi fi, texting, smart communications, apps, hot spots and you-name-it technological advances, can there really be a downside to technology?


Yesterday I may have been the first casualty since  I couldn’t fill in a formal stock certificate!

Having the dubious honor of being the Secretary of my landowners’ corporation, I am responsible for issuing new stock certificates to new landowners.  Said Stock Certificates are necessarily very fancy pre-printed, and imposingly serious documents and the information is always typed in.

We have two new landowners now so Secretary Dor was all set to fill in and issue their certificates.  The problem was I couldn’t figure out how to type in the names without a typewriter!

Write in the names you say?  Yes, I could do that and did,

But then the back of the certificate required a 50 word paragraph about who is entitled to own the stock, etc.  And I couldn’t type that in either.

“Does anyone own a typewriter?” I asked the other members at our annual meeting.

No response.

“Maybe an attorney could do it for us,” they finally suggested

How ridiculous can that be – not to be able to sit down and type in a few words on the right lines?

Now mind you, there can be no mistakes made on these documents so if we tried to print the information from the computer onto the document we risked a spacing error and having a big mess.

So Secretary Dor simply gave up.

But thank goodness for Bill.  He loves technological challenges and he measured and tested and figured out a way to transfer the paragraph to the right place in the right space.   It looks very professional too.

On the other hand, I didn’t calculate correctly for writing in the names so the last name on one wound up going uphill off the designated lines.

Ah well,  I have heard they are no longer teaching handwriting and penmanship in schools (another loss) since everybody texts.  No doubt the Secretary who comes after me will fill in stock certificates with the letter X!

So go the casualties of modern technology.

Does anyone even remember what a typewriter is?

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