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We Think Noche Feels At Home

We Thought Noche Felt at Home

Yesterday after two weeks we took Noche, the beautiful German Shepherd, back to her owner.  It was so cold and windy at the drop off point that I forgot to take pictures in favor of fast hugs and farewells.  But I did get some photos of her last days at the farm/camp for canines/our house.  It was awfully cold here too but Noche didn’t seem to notice much, either outside or in, during her visit.Bill and Noche - Into the Wild

Treats on a Chilly Walk

Treats on a Chilly Walk

Window Onto  a Ccccold World

Window Onto
a Ccccold World

I cried when we all parted.  What a big baby huh?  Still, in two weeks you can get attached to a critter, especially one as sweet and gentle as this one.  I miss our afternoon play games when she brings out her “babies” (stuffed toys) one by one and dares me to take them.  I miss her morning reminders that it’s time to get up and go out at 7:30 AM sharp (how does she tell time?).  I miss her spontaneous kisses and her silent secret way of following me from room to room.

After Play

After Play

So once again – Farewell Noche!  We loved having you and we hope your pawrents will bring you back soon!

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