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Fencing Off the Fog was a photo-post I did earlier this month.  Friends urged me to write a poem to go with it, and so I have.   With fog drifting into the forests and hollows of this part of Virginia, I often think of the suffering soldiers in the Civil War.  I have placed the photo at the end of the poem.


There is a forest beside my Southern home,

and a heavy fog is slinking in.

I imagine ghostly images

of  weary soldiers

shrouded in that  gossamer film; 

  and a sea of boy-bodies

 who might only be sleeping

amid tattered desolation and bleeding.

 They were young sons-of-the-south

turned warriors

 marching forward without pause

screaming the Rebel yell, 

not yet knowing it was a Lost Cause.

I need to fence off the fog

until my imagination turns

to the outcome of a more perfect union, 

turning from that waste of war

to sunshine,

in the southern reverie of mint juleps, 

magnolia blossoms

and  peace and love.

I need to fence off the fog.


Fencing Off the Fog

Fencing Off the Fog


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