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One of my favorite blogger friends, woodlandgnome, has invited me to participate in the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge.  The rules are to post a photo a day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph.  Oh yes,  and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.  Today I nominate Cindy of Photos from the Loony Bin.  This should be fun!


Magic SandalsMabel did not have a death wish.

She was getting old though and things were starting to show and tell.

First off people were opening doors for her as if she might be too weak to open them herself.

Then her doctor was the same age as her son and he had to keep “looking things up” to verify treatments.

Fast food clerks offered her senior citizen discounts on coffee.

Police excused her from speeding tickets if she said she was rushing to use a bathroom (from drinking too much coffee).

But that wasn’t all.

Mabel was actually beginning to witness the ravages of age.  It began with her hair which she was losing.  What used to be thick voluptuous locks were now thin limp strands.  And though she used to be a glossy brunette, she was now a dull mummy look-alike.

Then Mabel received a magnifying mirror for Christmas.  She could not remember who gave it to her (she was forgetting things too) but if she knew, she would now mail that person a poison pen letter.

She could see wrinkles!

And little hairs on her chinny chin chin.

And spots.   Many many many spots.

Mabel was depressed until she stumbled upon some magic slippers.

Actually they were magic sandals.

The sandals were magic because they made Mabel’s feet look young!

And every time she looked down at her feet she smiled.

“That’s the real me,” Mabel thought, and “I haven’t changed a bit.”

And her gait lengthened and her posture grew proud and tall, and she no longer lamented new spots and wrinkles.

She just looked down for the magic to begin.

“I want to go out feet first,” she said to herself.  And that was not just a death wish either.

It was really Mabel’s Living Wish that her new sandals would not fray or fade like the rest of her as they grew old.



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