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City folks often ask if I get bored living out here in “no-man’s” land.  Little do they know the pressures, pleasures and sweet surprises inherent in country life! We are not all relegated to the kitchen baking pies and putting up jars of things.  Some of us crochet!  And some of us meet fascinating people!

Here it is!  The finished crochet project!

D's Market Bag Flat

Dor's Market Bag

It looks like a bag.  It holds things.  It must be a bag. Actually it is a bag!  It’s a “Market Bag” that might get saggy-er with veggies and fruits inside.   That’s why the photo is of the empty bag.

It’s pretty saggy empty but I like it because it is the first crochet project I have ever done that is not a scarf.

After completing the market bag I did start another project – a shawl.  I failed miserably, ripped it out and made a SCARF!   It’s really light because it’s holy (having lots of holes). It has no warmth of course, but I like it anyway because it is well, airy.

Hopefully the crochet teachers, Ellie and Dymph, who had such high hopes for a beginner’s progress to  an intermediate level will not be too disappointed.

Lex Carriage

Dianna and MotorMan are in the back seat!

I met another blogger friend in person! 

Dianna of These Days of Mine, and her MotorMan, came for a surprise visit yesterday!  We met at the Lexington Carriage Company loading zone.  That means they were unloaded from a sweet carriage drawn by two sweet horses. This was a fitting beginning since Dianna loves horses.   Bill and I waited for them in a gazebo at a downtown herb garden.

Dianna and MM are really nice!  They are not axe murderers or anything like C and M, some other scary bloggers I met.  Seriously we are all now great friends and C’s wonderful blog is called Photos from the Loony Bin!  Anyway, we went with Dianna and MM to lunch at the Sheridan Livery Inn, which used to be a parking lot for stabling horses.  Really.   That was before cars and no parking zones of course. I think I might remember those days.

We stopped to mosey around Stonewall Jackson’s back yard.  He had this garden which now features antique vegetables and plants.  Stonewall, whose real name was Thomas Johnathan Jackson was a quirky Confederate general in the Civil War.

Dianna's Crochet Treasure

Dianna Finding Antique Treasures No, Dor Did Not Crochet This Beautiful Piece

And then we went to two big antique malls!Duke's Antiques

I tend to go blank when there are too many options, but Dianna is an antique expert and has great ideas for converting seemingly useless objects into arty decorating accents.  I am so envious.

I loved meeting Dianna and MotorMan in person!   Who’s next?

Other random events of the week included a book club discussion of Yes, Chef, by Marcus Samuelsson, a cooking class I walked out on since I had to cook, and a mad effort to stay away from bread, crackers, and sweets.


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Congratulations Living&Lovin for receiving the Liebster Award!  ‘Tis well deserved, and I would urge my friends to take a look at this fascinating blog because it is chock full of talent and creativity.  And thank you too Eunice for passing this award forward to your other blogger friends – and on to me!   I LOVE  the concept of bloggers sharing admiration for other bloggers.   The acknowledgement gives me incentive to go on and I hope others who receive these awards are just as thrilled.  I believe  awards are truly the frosting on the cake and I have always loved the icing best.

Liebster (pronounced: leeb-stir) is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.  The Liebster Blog Award recognizes up and coming bloggers and winners are asked to “pay it back and forward.”  The award is given to those bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  If you have more than 200 followers, you can send me a poison pen letter.  I wasn’t quite sure how to identify with such specificity.

The Rules for the Liebster Award are as follows: 

  • Link back to the blogger who gave you this award
  • Post the award to your blog
  • Post 11 things about yourself.
  • Answer the questions asked of you, plus create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer
  •  Nominate 11 people you think deserve the award and link them to your post.
  • Go to their pages and tell them they have been chosen.

Eleven Things About Me:

1)     I am a fanatical dog lover.

2)    I don’t like to share popcorn.

3)    I used to love autumn the best, but now I love spring more.

4)    I adore chocolate covered coffee beans.  I love them so much I hide them for secret binges, so I never buy them and can only indulge when I receive them as gifts.

5)    I played flute in my high school band but never learned to read music so I fooled everyone but myself.

6)    I need fresh air to sleep well and prefer a cold room and lots of covers.

7)    I love reading books about people who are survivors and learning how they did it.

8)    I have always loved to write and started writing poetry in high school.

9)    My dream is to see myself as slim and sleek enough to hit the beach in a bikini!

10) I live in a mountain valley but often crave the beach – with or without the bikini.

11) I have created a manual on how to survive a pandemic.

Now, here are the 11 questions Eunice asked me to answer:

1)     What do you do for FUN?  Write for my blog!

2)      What is your Favorite Sports Team?  The Washington Capitals (ice hockey) but only because my men are into it.

3)      Do you watch the Kentucky Derby?  Yes, when I remember. I love the excitement.

4)      Do you like NASCAR?  I don’t know.  I might. I think I do.

5)      What is your favorite TV show? Dancing with the Stars

6)      What pets do you have?  A big old dog named Rozie

7)      What model car or truck to you drive?  A Toyota RAV4 – maybe a truck/maybe a car.

8)      What is your favorite color?  Merlot (a new name for maroon I think)

9)      Do you remember your very first LOVE?  Absolutely! Who could forget?

10)   Do you watch what you eat?  I try but then I just keep eating.

11)   Are you happy or sad most of the time?  Happy – that must be the right answer right?

And here are the blogs I am nominating for the Liebster Award.  They are very very good.  I have very very good taste in blogs. 

  1. The Short Stack
  2. Lydia Street
  3. The Coastal Crone
  4. Lori Lipsky Poetry Patio
  5. The Fearless Cooking Club
  6. Daysift
  7. These Days of Mine
  8. Life With the Top Down
  9. Mama’s Empty Nest
  10. An Observant Mind

And here are my 11 questions for the lucky bloggers I chose:

1)    If you could go anywhere in the world and stay for a month, where would you choose to go?

2)    What is your hobby?

3)    What was your childhood dream?

4)    What was the best gift you ever received?

5)    What is your favorite movie?

6)    Who is the person who inspired you the most?

7)    What is your favorite dessert?

8)    What is your favorite quote?

9)    What do you do for relaxation?

10) What is your favorite remembered scent/smell from childhood?

11) If you could be a character in a book, who would you choose to be?

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Here is my computer keyboard.  Here are the worn off places where my fingers hit too often.  Here are my smudgy badges of courage that reveal how much I love blogging.


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I always get sweet shivery sensations at perfect music, books and stories, art and photos

or a simple poem.  And my blogger friends who share their talents never seem real

except in my imagination.

Now I can chill at will finding wondrous other-blog perfections and

transform my world through all their endless far off  dreams,

and can almost taste the rain, the snow, the cooling shade.

This is their gift to me – a landscape of laughter, beauty, and adventure,

a lake, a woodland path,a waterfall,

the ocean waves, a weeping willow tree,

and night descending, translucent curtains floating,

floating in the breeze.

These are the gifts they share, their admirable talents,

and I am transported in happy contemplation

in the midst of an endless summer.

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CONGRATULATIONS  to Judy of  A Daily Thought who has just received The Inspiring Blog Award!  She is a new cyberspace friend and I absolutely adore her blog.  If I could give her the award twice, I would do so.   She is quick, fun, funny, innovative, informative, and Definitely Inspiring.

To make matters even better, Judy listed me to receive that award too.  Wow! Thanks Judy!  Having learned about it this morning I staggered around feeling totally inadequate, unable to think straight enough to give a coherent reply to register extreme gratitude.  If you haven’t guessed, I am not a happy morning person until coffee and sustenance.

The rules are also to nominate seven other bloggers who inspire.  Seriously, I could name 70.  But here are eight (Ha! Breaking a rule!) of top-of-the-list recommendations.  These are fabulous, fascinating bloggers who are extremely inspirational , worth a look and even a deep read:

Comments from Cathy

An Observant Mind

Writing for Daisies

Newfoundland Traveller 

Photos from the Loony Bin

Apronhead Lilly 

The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife

Before Morning Breaks

Now seven things about me I never revealed online before:

  1. Perfect Purse Seeker – Looking for the perfect purse since childhood.  Maybe there is no such thing as light weight, single handled, cross strapped, feet on bottom, outside pockets for sunglasses and glasses, an easy to find place for a pen, wide enough, deep enough, the right color……..
  2.  Neat Freak – I am a total neat freak if you are surface-looking, but don’t open drawers or closets – please!
  3. Avoid Mirrors – I avoid mirrors unless absolutely necessary.  Would rather have a murky lake to look into that would blur the image. Please don’t ask me to go on Skype!
  4. Love Dogs – Probably listed that before (love breaking rules!).  There has been a pup in my life ever since I can remember.  There is a dog at my feet even now.
  5. Avoid the Kitchen – Friends think I am a gourmet cook but I fool them with extremely simplistic recipes that are time-tested winners.  I actually avoid the kitchen whenever possible.  Kitchens and Mirrors are depressing.
  6. Love to Write –  Give me a subject – any subject – and I will write about it.  It’s an addiction.  Is there a cure for this?
  7. Hate Public Speaking – Making any kind of speech leaves me paralyzed, sweating profusely, staggering to the podium and holding my notes in quaking fingers.  Is there a cure for this?

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Congratulations to Dana of Serene Scribe for all the new and well deserved awards she has received recently.  And thank you Dana, for naming my new blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.  It is truly a lovely thing to see that shining heart image in the side column.  And every time I see it, I know I will again be grateful to have met such inspiring fellow bloggers in this whole process.  One lovely thing can make a day extra special, and today was my day!

The Rules of Acceptance of the One Lovely Blog Award are:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Next, select 5 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those bloggers for the Awards
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
  • In the same post, include this set of rules.
  • Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

The best part of this award is that I get to share it with other accomplished bloggers.  Please take a few moments to check out their blogs:

An Observant Mind

Photos From the Loony Bin


Bless Your Hippie Heart

CoffeeKat Blog

As for seven things about myself,

  1. I love chocolate chip cookies,
  2. cry at animal stories, and
  3.  am transported by old photographs of friends and family when they were young.
  4. I believe in the healing power of good nutrition,
  5. wish for peace around the world,
  6. enjoy quiet times, private times, and time to write.
  7. And I dream of beaches.

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