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Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Early bird, or night owl?

If a year ago you had asked me, “Are you a morning person?” I would have answered with a resounding, “Yes!”  I used to be a ready-for-action gal (after coffee and food of course).  Get it done!  Move!  Accomplish something!  And yes, SHINE!

But, if you ask me the same question today, my answer would be “Well, maybe.”

You see, I think nighttime is really  my time.

 On the other hand, maybe not.  

On the other hand, maybe so.

Ah, Nightfall –  when the expectations of daylight evaporate;  when I can surreptitiously satisfy a gnawing craving to blog, with no demands , no appointments , no meals to prepare, beds to make, dogs to feed, clothing to wash, or people to interact with.

Then again, I am a habitual early riser and begin blogging when morning necessities are accomplished (now done in a rush).

This is all the fault of WordPress of course –  this identity crisis.

WordPress is the culprit.


 Blogging is now my compulsive, ridiculously addictive hobby.  In fact, the urge to write, or comment, or find one more fascinating post, is so compelling, I am tempted to stay blogging all night!   However, there are other people involved in my real life, so I force myself to quit the computer by midnight.  I HAVE to get some sleep!

The result of all this time shifting is a confusion of identity.

Am I an early bird?  Sometimes.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Am I a night owl?   Not entirely.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

And can I  place all the blame on WordPress?

You bet!


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Daily Prompt: Share the Love

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

The most influential blogger in my online journey was Melissa of Writing for Daisies.  She is first and foremost a mother and loves her children so much that I suspect she has left blogging for them.  But she has even more to give.  She came into my orbit way back when I first started a blog called Technicolor Day Dreams that featured my feeble efforts to say something pertinent (at least to family).

Melissa’s last Writing for Daisies post in March was a sincere “Thank you”  to the thousands who followed her.  She doesn’t say so, but it sounds like a Farewell to me.

I miss her.  I miss her gentle prods to keep going.  I miss her expectation that great things are ahead and her promises that wonderful surprises await in the blog-us-fear.  I miss her fascinating, can’t-put-down posts.  To follow Melissa was to wish you could meet her in person.

And, even after she was posting less and less often, she still found time to comment on my efforts, quoting certain lines as if something there was worth savoring and saving.

Melissa was a journalist, a reporter, an expert in her field.  Her opinions mattered to me way back then, and would still.  No, I never met her in real time, but I can list her among the best teachers I ever had.

If you are reading this, Melissa, Thank YOU!

I hope you and your children fare well and that you will come back to us soon.

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What makes a blogger?  Why does anyone even begin the process?  And in the course of blogging, does something happen to transform the original purpose or intent?

The inspiration for this post came from my very first boyfriend, Ted (who took me, chauffered by my Mother,  to my first dance in 8th grade) who became a scientist and for some strange reason is following my blog all these many years later.  Thank you Ted for making me think about why I blog, and how the effort has changed over the past few years and become more and more liberating and a more enjoyable endeavor.

The inspiration came from an article Ted found by a Professor of Chemistry, who began her blog with strictly scientific meanderings.  Over time, the blog changed and changed again.  The article is so worthwhile reading because it explains what happens in the process and how a blog morphs along with the blogger.   Read this wonderful article called Catalysts , by Michelle Francl, Professor of Chemistry on the Clowes Fund for Science and Public Policy at Bryn Mawr College, for deeper insight into a blogger’s transformation.

But, Ms. Francl’s article has inspired me to assess the changes in my own blogging efforts.  Having produced three different blogs in the past two years (The Virginia Shopper, Technicolor Day Dreams, and Virginia Views),  I can now wander, not only through the Virginia countryside, but stretch my writing skills and play with primitive attempts at photography.  Will my purpose and approach morph again in time?  Probably.  But for now I am among the happy bloggers of the world, following others who I deem the best, and being followed by actual family and friends, and by lovely people I have never met but who feel like family and friends.  And, I am convinced that bloggers, no matter how erudite or technical or scientifically bent, undergo similar transformations which ultimately become liberating.

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