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No, I’m not a bookie.  But this post IS about books.  It’s about compiling all your blog posts into a beautiful hardcover book (or soft cover if you prefer).

There is now a Blog Book in the works called Virginia Views. It’s a real, honest to goodness, hold- in-your-hand, turn-the-pages, elegant BOOK of my very own posts.  You might say it is self published.  Why did I do this?  Well, I neglected to make hard copies of each blog post and now there are over 200 pages of ‘em.  Should I save them somewhere?  Definitely.

Maybe Martians will make it to earth and will see my book as a historical hysterical perspective on the complications of human life.

As a result of this odd line of thinking, I went to Blog2print.com, followed the instructions, and the darned service immediately sucked all my posts from May 24, 2012 to February 5, 2013 into a book (which I could even edit!).  It was magic!   In less than three weeks a  hardcover, beautifully bound, glossy paged actual book with all the posts in Volume 1 of Virginia Views will arrive.

How do I know the results will be wonderful?  Because I have done this once before.  It was for my first blog called Technicolor Day Dreams, an autobiography in flashes of memory I compiled for my grandchildren and gave to the family and friends for Christmas.  That book is truly beautiful and something I am so proud of accomplishing.

But now I feel like a real live author looking forward to receiving the one copy ordered of Virginia Views for my library wall! Maybe one day the wall will be covered with Books By Dor!  Who will read them all?

Blog Book 1

Blog Book

My First Blog Book
Front Cover Photo is Dor
With Her First Love, Dog Tippi

I hope those Martians get here soon.

Have you created a book of your blog posts yet?  Try it.  You’ll love it.  And you can be a bookie too.


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