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Christi is my niece.  She read the Writer’s Block post I recently entered, and she actually took the time to think about my dilemma.  I was at an impasse and quite incapable of creative thought , much less creative writing.

Christi then shared an idea she had for restoring creativity and the urge to write.

Here is what she said:

“Aunt Dorothy,

I have been reading about your writer’s block and I have an idea that might help.  Go for a drive, go somewhere you don’t normally go and just look around.  I suggest this because as I am sitting here in NYC, I looked up and saw a sign for a nuclear fallout shelter.  I starting thinking that I had never seen one before and then, I wondered how many people had even noticed it.  What kinds of things exist around us every day that we either don’t notice, or take advantage of?

I don’t know if this will help your writer’s block or not, but I hope it does.”


Isn’t this fantastic advice?

And it works!  I actually went for a drive today and came up with a great idea.

Thanks Christi.  You make a difference.


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