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Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors.

How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

I always feel more glamorous than I actually look in a mirror.

I wake up feeling beautiful!  I think I have long full, soft flowing hair, clear skin, and the lithe grace of a well rested body.

But mornings are full of surprises since the gorgeous woman I expect to see in the mirror has shocking locks of hair sticking straight up and out in wild spikes.  The wrinkles and spots are all still there too.  And any lithe grace somehow disappears leaving a body and face that needs work; a lot of work!

The face in the mirror is definitely shocking.

Without mirrors, blind combing could tame the savage beast except that smoothing one spike results in another popping up somewhere else.   True taming requires eagle eye observations in a mirror.  I even have a magnifying mirror next to a regular mirror to accomplish such tasks.

A little lipstick might create the illusion of youthful health too.   But without a mirror the application would  be via touch and feel and would undoubtedly go out of bounds for a Halloween House of Horrors image.

Sans mirrors I would probably not be married!

Would anyone see past all those flaws to my scintillating personality?

The upside is I would go through each day thinking I had long sparkling, under control locks, a peaches and cream complexion, a tiny waist and the vitality, vigor and strength to accomplish all my goals.

I would bound along feeling taller, stronger, younger, and of movie star beauty!

The rest of the world would whisper and snicker and I would wonder why.

And maybe my husband would marry me after all – for my goodness of character and talent for self delusion.

There is a valuable message in this Daily Prompt because it reminds me that I am who I am, and I would surely like myself a whole lot more without mirrors.

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Esther Williams

Esther Williams

I used to think I looked like Esther Williams.  In case you are still young, Esther was a movie star who was a swimmer.

Many summers ago I used to “go swimming” with girlfriends, and we would pretend to be Esther Williams and her team of synchronized swimmers.  First we would hang onto the side of the pool to giggle and talk  and watch boys.  Then we would do graceful water ballet moves  like Esther Williams and her team. Stand on our hands.  Point our toes.  Do deep knee bends and summersaults, all underwater and in what we thought was perfect synchronization.

But the real point of this memory walking/swimming is not the pointed toes or even the girlfriends and our games, but how once, long ago, my own personal body felt long, lithe, infinitely alluring, and certainly indestructible.

fashion bathing suit2

Dor Undiscovered

I thought I had long, perfect legs, a tummy I could “hold in” to become concave, a lovely sideways silhouette.  Yes, I could be Esther.  I was just undiscovered!

Fast Forward Many (Many) Years Later:

2014 – Still Undiscovered

My youngest grandgirl was here visiting this weekend.  We spent an afternoon at the pool floating on noodles and yakking just like I used to do with my girlfriends.  Macky is truly beautiful  with long, long perfect legs, and that concave tummy and sideways silhouette.

Long Legged Grandgirl

Long Legged Grandgirl

Sometimes (under intense scrutiny) I can see the old me, but now she’s only in the hands.  They look acceptable with no glaring “freckles” and only cursory withering.  The legs are still slim but no longer long.  Did they shrink?  How do legs shrink?   A sideways look at the tummy reveals a convex silhouette!   Holding it all in, it’s only an inch or two less convex.  Well I would go over big if this were the 16th Century.  Have you seen all those Renaissance paintings of abundantly rounded ladies in seductive poses?

[adj. kon-veks, kuhn-; n. kon-veks]
having a surface that is curved or rounded outward.

And there’s MackyMae, my youngest grandgirl.  We never got to doing Esther Williams water ballet moves, but we did the giggling at the pool and she not only brought the joy of youth with her, but she brought back memories of my halcyon/delusional days of youth.

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Weekly Photo Challenge:  Containers

Boxes, tanks, wrappers:  for this week’s Photo Challenge, show us something that contains something else.

More Shop Art

It was the container of all containers somewhere in a courtyard in Arizona.

And it was around Halloween.

And I have never forgotten it.

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Nature's  Dandy-Lion  Work of Art

Work of Art

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I went to get my hair cut and met Maggie.

She is a most beautiful blond who immediately commands attention.

I was in the waiting room of the beauty salon, a traditional place to meet and make friends.

And I was just thumbing through a magazine hoping to find a hair style to transform me into a raving beauty when Maggie came in.

It’s hard to describe the bonding process between strangers, but I knew right away that Maggie was special.  There is a kindness in her eyes and an inner beauty that can only be described as ultra natural.

In addition to that raw beauty, Maggie has a calm and self assured demeanor so she makes a statement when she enters a room.  Like a celebrity film star, she invites people to come near.  I was absolutely thrilled when she sat right next to me.

And she is a giver.  You can tell that right away too.  She exudes kindness and sensitivity.

I had my cell phone camera with me and could kick myself that I didn’t take a picture of beautiful Maggie to show you, but here are a few more details to help you picture my wonderful new friend:

Maggie is part Chow and part something else.

She is a furry fuzzy fluffy doll of a dog.

She has big brown eyes and a happy face.

And I really did meet Maggie in the beauty shop.

Robin, her adopted Mom, brought Maggie in (on leash) and evidently that was nothing new.


Robin was having her hair done and Maggie was delighted to be there too.  She was so well behaved and sweet I fell in love with her.  I think the feeling was mutual because she (Maggie) sat right up against my leg.  “She can tell you love dogs,” said Robin.  And we shared in dog talk and I told her about Rozie and we spoke of other dogs in our lives and the pain of loss.

And I said, “If you ever need a dog sitter, you know who to call.”  And she said, “If you get another dog, I have a great big yard too.”

I made a new friend today.  And maybe I made two.

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Our Red Maple is YellowTwenty-five years ago we planted a Red Maple tree,

a baby we were not sure would even grow.

But now it is of magnificent proportions.

Does anyone know why our tree was called a Red Maple

when the autumn leaves have always been yellow?

I am not complaining really.

I do see small tinges of red.

But if I have to wait another

twenty-five years for full color,

I may be dead.

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This horse breed, Akhal-Teke from Turkmenistan was announced the most beautiful horse in the world.

Details and photographer unknown.

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There Was a Little Girl

By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

There was a little girl

Who had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forhead.

When she was good,

She was very very good indeed,

And when she was bad, she was horrid.

I have three gorgeous grandgirls –beautiful in different ways.

One is tall and trim with a flowing gypsy beauty that leaves onlookers stunned.

She is very very good indeed and a pleasure to see.

One is a willowy blonde nymph who has a smile of love so wide you can’t help smiling back,

And a silken, molten beauty that leaves you feeling all warm inside.

She is very very good indeed and a pleasure to see.

And one is a sophisticated beauty reminiscent of classic stars of the silver screen, but wait,

See the twinkle in her eye and the urge to make fun out of fame?

This girl is the one all right.

And who could possibly resist?

She is also very very good indeed and her gift to us is laughter,

But when she is bad, she is horrid.

When She is Bad, She is Horrid

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