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It  was another drizzly day, with darkened skies and looming clouds obliterating Virginia’s  Blue Ridge Mountains.  And then I felt the sun’s return and was forced by some inner prompt to look out the window.

Skyscape 2


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On the Way Again Weekly Photo Challenge

Old New Truck

Did this old truck look so bright

when Grandpa bought it new?

If only gears could spin her tales

of journeys long and true.

Did she make a great grand-stand

in years gone long ago,

sold and sold from hand to hand

for work and not for show?

And where’s she off to next I ask?

Another place to make folks smile,

a beautiful relic of the past

that keeps on truckin’ mile to mile.

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Lone Star Tree

My favorite tree stands upon a hill all alone,

impressive in all seasons.

Isn’t she elegant?

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One of my favorite blogger friends, woodlandgnome, has invited me to participate in the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge.  The rules are to post a photo a day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph.  Oh yes,  and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.  Today I nominate Cindy of Photos from the Loony Bin.  This should be fun!


Magic SandalsMabel did not have a death wish.

She was getting old though and things were starting to show and tell.

First off people were opening doors for her as if she might be too weak to open them herself.

Then her doctor was the same age as her son and he had to keep “looking things up” to verify treatments.

Fast food clerks offered her senior citizen discounts on coffee.

Police excused her from speeding tickets if she said she was rushing to use a bathroom (from drinking too much coffee).

But that wasn’t all.

Mabel was actually beginning to witness the ravages of age.  It began with her hair which she was losing.  What used to be thick voluptuous locks were now thin limp strands.  And though she used to be a glossy brunette, she was now a dull mummy look-alike.

Then Mabel received a magnifying mirror for Christmas.  She could not remember who gave it to her (she was forgetting things too) but if she knew, she would now mail that person a poison pen letter.

She could see wrinkles!

And little hairs on her chinny chin chin.

And spots.   Many many many spots.

Mabel was depressed until she stumbled upon some magic slippers.

Actually they were magic sandals.

The sandals were magic because they made Mabel’s feet look young!

And every time she looked down at her feet she smiled.

“That’s the real me,” Mabel thought, and “I haven’t changed a bit.”

And her gait lengthened and her posture grew proud and tall, and she no longer lamented new spots and wrinkles.

She just looked down for the magic to begin.

“I want to go out feet first,” she said to herself.  And that was not just a death wish either.

It was really Mabel’s Living Wish that her new sandals would not fray or fade like the rest of her as they grew old.


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Morning Glory 2Good Morning Glory

I must have taken these pictures during our trip to San Diego.

 Isn’t it too early for Morning Glories here in Virginia?

But I love their happy faces greeting the sun.


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We stayed in a lovely place about 20 minutes from the maddening crowds in Sedona, Arizona.

View from Sedona Timeshare

It was Spring Break and high season in Sedona, with heavy traffic.  Great timing right?  But, we managed a drive that yielded photos of a stark and rugged landscape.  All photos were taken with my trusty little cell phone (named “Pal”).  We lugged the big new fancy Nikon and could never get it put together right for a quick shot – and believe me, you had to be quick.  These mountain shots were real fast drive-bys!

We made one stop at a Holy Cross wedged into the high rock face of a mountainside.  Wow!

Holy Cross

There is no describing the enormity of the red rock mountains and canyons of Sedona.  I was dumbstruck by vividly painted blue skies punctuated by jagged crests and crags.

Sedona Surround

Sedona Surround

Sedona Rock Art

Sedona Rock Art

It was the beginning of a trip full of surprises.

Sheer Canyon Wall

Sheer Canyon Wall

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My Snowy World

I went for a walk today to see the melting.  Birds and deer and turkey were all happily hunting for the sustenance that disappeared the day before. It was a snowy world now rapidly disappearing with the advent of the sun.  In some places the snow lingers, and even though I will be delighted to see it all go,  it still outlines my world with gallant touches of glamour.

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Beautiful Rosa 2

Rosa is a most beautiful golden horse (a Palomino) who lives nearby.

I pass her paddock on my way to town.

“Stop to say hello,” she would always seem to say and I would make that stop.

We connected.

And I somehow knew she loved our visits.

“Hellio beautiful Rosa,” I would say.  “You are so sweet and so good and I love you.”

And then I would be smiling and on my way..

But one day Rosa was gone, and the next and the next.

It was so disappointing to drive by her empty pasture.

I missed Rosa and our odd communications.

At first I thought our neighbors sold her but when I inquired they said, “No, Rosa is lame.  We are trying to help her with vet care and hoping for the best.”

And Rosa was gone for many more weeks until I had almost given up hope of ever seeing her again.

Beautiful Rosa

But now Rosa is back!  And just in time for the holidays.

She seems to favor her left back leg and stands with it semi-bent as if to lighten the load.

But my hope is that she is mending.  It is the season for miracles after all.

How I love stopping for human conversation with a horse who is so skilled at silent communication.

Her eyes say it all.

And I think she knows that in my eyes, she is truly beautiful.

a horse with a golden coat, a white mane and tail,
and often white markings on the face and legs,
developed chiefly in the southwestern U.S.
Source: Dictionary.com






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Noche and Judy

Noche and My Beautiful Niece

Noche the Beautiful

Noche doesn’t sleep in the bed, but stays on top of the bed to watch everything I do at my combo corner “office-nightstand.”

She is as clever and as smart as she looks too.

Noche viewed the pictures I took but as you can see, she is relatively unimpressed.

I will have to try harder and strive for more candid-camera shots to meet her expectations.

Bill and I are dog sitting but there is some question as to who is really in charge.

We almost forgot how much laughter comes with a pup in the house.

Like when Noche claims the doggy toy box is hers and brings each squeaky critter to the middle of the living room.

Or when she rolls over on her back to let us know she’s happy.

Or I love the “Lets play!” stance – tail up, paws down.  

So THAT’S where the Downward Dog yoga pose came from!   

Anyway, I am happy to announce there is a dog on my bed, and a lot of smiles in the house.


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Once Magnificent

I know this looks like any old stump of a tree, 

but how I love to sit and listen to its ghostly music

and threads of stories I can almost hear or see,

What creatures made it home in nest or hollow?

What child crawled out upon its limbs?

And did lovers carve their names for those to follow 

to mark a meeting place of moonlit secret trysts?

Children playing, horses neighing, contribute to the city drone,

but were they Yankee or Confederate soldiers

who rested there and longed for home?

Are determined roots still climbing toward the sun?

Or has it simply stopped surviving

in the struggle for a peace hard won?

I know.

This looks like any old stump of a tree,

but to me, it is a magnificent regression. 

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