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I went to get my hair cut and met Maggie.

She is a most beautiful blond who immediately commands attention.

I was in the waiting room of the beauty salon, a traditional place to meet and make friends.

And I was just thumbing through a magazine hoping to find a hair style to transform me into a raving beauty when Maggie came in.

It’s hard to describe the bonding process between strangers, but I knew right away that Maggie was special.  There is a kindness in her eyes and an inner beauty that can only be described as ultra natural.

In addition to that raw beauty, Maggie has a calm and self assured demeanor so she makes a statement when she enters a room.  Like a celebrity film star, she invites people to come near.  I was absolutely thrilled when she sat right next to me.

And she is a giver.  You can tell that right away too.  She exudes kindness and sensitivity.

I had my cell phone camera with me and could kick myself that I didn’t take a picture of beautiful Maggie to show you, but here are a few more details to help you picture my wonderful new friend:

Maggie is part Chow and part something else.

She is a furry fuzzy fluffy doll of a dog.

She has big brown eyes and a happy face.

And I really did meet Maggie in the beauty shop.

Robin, her adopted Mom, brought Maggie in (on leash) and evidently that was nothing new.


Robin was having her hair done and Maggie was delighted to be there too.  She was so well behaved and sweet I fell in love with her.  I think the feeling was mutual because she (Maggie) sat right up against my leg.  “She can tell you love dogs,” said Robin.  And we shared in dog talk and I told her about Rozie and we spoke of other dogs in our lives and the pain of loss.

And I said, “If you ever need a dog sitter, you know who to call.”  And she said, “If you get another dog, I have a great big yard too.”

I made a new friend today.  And maybe I made two.

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