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Barn n Slope

A Virginia Barn in the Shenandoah Valley

There is a big white barn I can see from home

but can never get quite the right angle

or the trees are in leaf

and the barn disappears

lost and entwined in a tangle.

Then winter clears the brush and trees,

continuing each season’s story,

and there it is, the big white barn,

revealed in a world of faded glory.














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Barn Charm Memories


I was a barn once.

And a barn I remain

but with a less lofty goal,

ashamed of my doors

hanging off the frame,

now a barn with a long lost soul.

There were better times

in the Olden Days

of farm fresh milk

in the Golden Days.

I  was a landmark barn

on a country road

now a highway for folks in a hurry,

but I’m still a barn

and that’s sweet life –

 I’m a barn with a haunting story.

Don’t pass me by without a look.

  Think of me with a vivid past

of  bucolic scenes now in some old book

of a barn with a working cast.



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Barn Beauty 2

Isn’t she lovely?  Reminds me of a song!   I do love the way the owners painted this sweet little barn in white and then added contrasting blue trim.  Maybe it was a woman artist.

There is pride in evidence, but  I think this barn is no longer in use.

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