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Leaving my blog is tantamount to leaving my children.

It’s a horrible feeling to completely lose touch.

Maybe a reliable babysitter could be called in

just to check on incoming blog posts from my favorite people.

Granted, I have not yet met my blog-children in person (except for one couple I thought might be axe murderers but who turned out to be utterly delightful kids).

But the rest are out there –  my other children drifting around in cyberspace.

They need me.

How on earth can I leave?

What fabulous stories and photos will I miss?

Who will tell them their posts are wonderful if not for me?

Will they forget me?

I hope “gone is not forgotten”

As I fly the skies for parts unknown.

California here I come 

looking for a place to roam.

Please wait my friends – my children!

I will be back with stories of my own.



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