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wordpress-family-award (1)Congratulations to two of my very favorite bloggers who have both received The WordPress Family Award.  Their blogs are A Daily Thought and  Hope the Happy Hugger.   These two faves are where I find informative, inspirational,  fun, and funny posts that are irresistible.  Each is different in dramatic ways that never fail to keep me riveted and always eager for more.

They are also two bloggers who rarely fail to comment, and who share my joy in participating in the grand blogging effort.   They have made a huge difference in my approach to the Blog-Us-Fear.

So, this is to say, “Thank You Judy and Michelle (*hugs*) for passing the award forward to me.”  When  nominated twice like this for the same award, there are two compelling reasons to follow the rules and  respond and you two  have sent  a delightful compliment that leaves me grinning.

The WordPress Family Award is reserved for folks in Cyberspace who are  unceasingly kind, sympathetic, encouraging, and open to laughter – and who keep each other going by sharing, commenting, and making personal connections even though they may actually be virtual strangers.

  • Rules:
  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
  • Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.

Since I have received this award from two different people, I am taking the liberty of listing 20 nominees!   I know some of you have “award-free” blogs, or maybe you have already been given this award,  and if so, just take this all as a compliment and a thank you  for your kindness and support over time.

And if you don’t see yourself here, it’s not because I don’t love you.   And since you are “family”, I know you will understand.

And the nominees are:






















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Eunice of Living and Lovin just received two awards, the Super Sweet Blogging Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award.  So, double Congratulations Eunice!  You deserve this high place in the sun!  I encourage everyone to stop by and check out her blog because it’s a smorgasbord of interesting thoughts, photos, crafts, and adventure stories.  Now she has gone and nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award too, and I am truly honored.

Sometimes I believe my blogger friends are out there specifically to inspire creativity in others.   And I find myself writing specifically to the one who laughs, the one who makes me laugh, another who shares my fears and aggravations,  she who calls me “sister” for all we have in common, and still another who is my true mentor.  These are the friends who are so inspiring –  the photographer and the poet, the adventuress, the comic, the empty nest mom – some struggling with loss, others celebrating joy – all sharing their lives with words and photographs hurling through cyberspace.  They are the cyberspace givers who make blogging all worthwhile.

Part of the Beautiful Blogger Award is to nominate other beautiful bloggers.  The hard part is choosing just seven, but  the best part is in recognizing all that talent. So, I am nominating seven to receive The Beautiful Blogger Award.  They are all awesomely beautiful for a million different reasons, and I know you will love visiting them:

I Blog Therefore I Am

A Serene Scribe

The Coastal Crone

Lori Lipski/Poetry Club

Life With the Top Down

Lake Superior Spirit


If I nominated you, and you choose to participate (no pressure!) here are the rules:

1)      Write a post about the award and include the award picture.

2)      Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

3)      Nominate seven other blogs and include links as well as a quick statement about that blog.

4)      Write a comment on each of the blogs to tell them you nominated them.

5)      Have fun!

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The word, addiction, has been defined as:  the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming… to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Some addictions have their own pleasant rewards.   Congratulation to Kate Kresse of Believe Anyway for receiving the Addictive Blog Award.  Her blog is inspirational (and yes, addictive) and a must for those of us who need a little extra push, a bit of motivation, the courage to go on.  I am privileged too because she has nominated me for the very same award.  Thank you Kate!

The rules of this award:

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.

Share a little bit about why you started blogging.

Copy and post the award onto your own blog

Nominate up to ten other bloggers you think are addictive enough to deserve the award.

Why I Started Blogging

About a year ago, my friend, Julie, the owner of a local gift shop, asked me to sit in on a training session on blogging for business.  I was writing promotional copy for her gift catalog anyway and she thought I might be interested in developing a blog for her as well.  So, I sat in on the session as a blog was created for Virginia Born and Bred called The Virginia Shopper.  I became “the shopper” and began to write and write and write.  I loved it!

I was writing to sell, but I imagined writing a personal blog too, and wished for my own blog to be something I could share with my grandchildren.  So, I started one called Technicolor Daydreams.  That’s when there suddenly emerged a blogging “community” of fascinating, delightful, interesting and inspirational people who love to share their talents and comment on mine.

I hold my circle of friends in cyberspace very close and each one is most dear.  Reading their thoughts and viewing their art and photography is every bit as addictive as writing my own and there is never enough time in a day to do them all justice.  I feel like a mother with way too many children and at the same time, a child needing confirmation.

Today I write this blog called Virginia Views. And surely I am addicted once again because blogging is now “psychologically habit forming to such an extent that its cessation causes me severe trauma!”

Addiction Can be a Wonderful Thing!

Recommended Addictive Blogs (in other words, here are some of my favorites):

A Daily Thought  http://judysp.wordpress.com

Apronhead  http://apronhead.wordpress.com

Bless Your Hippie Heart http://blessyourhippieheart.wordpress.com

Coming East  http://comingeast.com

Lydia Street  http://lydiastreet.com

Not Quite Old  http://notquiteold.wordpress.com

Mama’s Empty Nest  http://mamasemptynest.wordpress.com

Photos from the Loony Bin  http://photosfromtheloonybin.wordpress.com

Views and Mews by Coffee Kat  http://coffeekatblog.com

Winsomebella  http://winsomebella.wordpress.com

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