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This little Bluebird of Happiness landed on my deck on a chilly rainy Supposedly-Autumn day.

Isn’t the arrival of bluebirds supposed to announce the arrival of Spring?

And just look at this confused little guy all puffed up to keep warm.

Is Autumn really on the way or what?



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I don’t usually like sudden change.

But some changes are forever amazing.

Overnight a giant Red Maple that has never been red,

turned a brilliant shimmering gold.

Why, it was green yesterday.  I know it was green.

But there she is quietly shouting,

“Look at me!

Am I not a brilliant gold?

Just look at me!”

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Photo by Dor

Photo by Dor

Sometimes there are surprises hidden in my camera.

This pastel painting magically appeared.

It is this afternoon’s Virginia View from my deck

at the end of a gentle rain.


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Which Way to Venezuela

Now is the time of year when our fascinating “hummers” start to overeat because Hummingbirds need to fuel up for a long grueling journey to Venezuela.

I heard that on the radio once – the thing about Venezuela being their ultimate destination.

And I tend to believe everything I hear.

This little traveller resting on top of my umbrella has doubts though.

He evidently doesn’t believe what he heard about directions to Venezuela.

He keeps landing and looking north and then looking south.

Meanwhile, six more of his family ignore him and are busy swooping and arguing in a deafening buzz.

They are making a big fuss with all that fighting, and wasting energy over who gets “first dibs”/dips at the feeder.

Ah, I know it will not be long now when they will all take off for Venezuela.

Bon Voyage my little friends!  Fare thee well!

And please –

Listen to the radio next Spring and find your way back to Virginia!


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Photo From Herman's Produce Web Site

Herman’s Produce in Lexington, Virginia, is my favorite place for anything fresh and beautiful or freshly preserved and delicious.  I harvested their fabulous tomatoes all summer (from the shelves)  and now there are crispy apples guaranteed the best of the best.

Even their plants scream quality.  I bought a basil plant that grew into a beautiful round mound with constant leaves to harvest all season, and a giant mum of enormous beauty for only $12.

Herman’s is also a wonderful center for meeting, greeting, laughing, and putting aside the worries of the world.  There is an old rusty tractor “out front” and they have made good use of it to wish their friends the best of Fall and a Happy Halloween.

I do love Herman’s because it’s humble but top-of-the-line, habit forming because you always want more, and because the folks at Herman’s really and truly care.

Note:  This is not an advertisement!  Really.

And I am not actually having a love affair with Herman either.

I know it  sounds that way but some places simply require accolades.

Congratulations Herman!  You have won my heart.

Autumn Joy

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween from Herman’s




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Cloud Formation Over Blue RidgeWill we be going straight into winter from summer green?

Here’s the Beautiful Blueridge and its foothills –

still lovely to look at but where’s the color?

There’s a chill in the air all right

but I am missing autumn.

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There’s more to Autumn than changing leaves

in all their astoundingly magnificent colors

and vibrant hues  as they abound.

Look at the scarecrow in the hay,

the pumpkin’s golden-orange glow,

gourds and goblins against a witch’s sky,

 and sparkling flowers of intense hues.

Thank you, thank you, they say and sway,

for your adoration.

We appreciate your ooohs and aaahs.

We take our bows in celebration

of the most vibrant season of them all –

The Fall.

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My only excuse is the fall colors have not quite arrived in this part of the world.  Oh, there are falling leaves all right, but there no really vibrant colors yet.   It’s sweater weather and feels like autumn.  It even looks a bit like it.  Maybe if we add our own color, we can hurry the process along.

Bill and I are craving the look and feel of a fall season that isn’t really here yet.  From grocery store to grocery store and all over the garden and home improvement centers there are vibrant displays of chrysanthemums in a myriad of colors.  And we simply cannot resist.

I love this one because it looks like the daisies of summer.  Why am I craving summer flowers when the air is suddenly suggestive of cozy winter evenings near the wood stove?  Is it because we always want what we can’t have?  We even wound up with a bunch of bright yellow mums.  Are we lamenting the loss of summer?  I didn’t think so.

We have some impatiens left but the nights are getting colder and threatening frost.  I thought last night would do them in, but they remain stoic in the protected front garden with the house walls behind to warm them.

And of course we had to have a pumpkin too and found a beauty for $3.98.  “Artfully” placed we hope that Peter Pumpkin will add more color to what should eventually be nature’s normally brilliant display.

I think the autumn season is lovely all by itself and needs no further human adornment.  Still, it’s fun to try to stage the show with just a bit of our own invention, especially when the changing leaves are changing too slowly to suit us.

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