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Random Five Friday

Autumn and Noche 011

This week we had Noche, the German Shepherd.  Bill and I have been dog sitting.

Noche loves it here because she is never on leash and has wide open spaces to run.  Nevertheless, I wanted to add some excitement to her visit.

A Grassy BackrubLittle herds of deer arrive every afternoon and one day I opened the deck door verrrry quietly so Noche would remain undetected.   Unaware of the big wild world of creatures, the pup’s ears suddenly went straight up on high alert and her whole body poised for action!  It only took one loud bark and six deer took off in a flurry.  I thought Noche was going to leap over the deck railing!

Do you think dogs keep their memories of vacation thrills?  Maybe she will have great running-dog dreams.

Let's Party!I did get to the gym one day and left feeling delightfully noble.   I like to rest there too (watching the hampster-humans pedaling nowhere).  I sit across from the exercise balls which create a celebratory mood.  They look like party balloons don’t they?  The colors are brilliant – perhaps not quite brilliant enough to encourage sit ups or other balancing acts though.

I decided some time ago to strive/stride for 10,000 steps a day – usually accomplished at the gym. This week has been slow but the pedometer keeps recording anyway and I managed to average 6,000 steps!  Accolades please!  I now call the pedometer Big Brother because it’s always watching.

Time got away mid week with two days devoted to gathering a packet of information for our community.  As Secretary, there is usually nothing much for me to do as we only meet once a year.  But sometimes issues arise that require research and attention.  Ours is a horsey community where there is a Hunt – like the old English hunts where people dress up in “pinques,” ride to the hounds, and have “dinners” that are really breakfasts.  Or are they breakfasts that are really dinners?  But  sometimes there are questions about who can ride where.



Then my friend, Pam, called for a shopping trip to Roanoke.  Occasional escapes from Paradise are just the ticket for raising spirits so Pam and I went to a real big-city shopping mall.  That was a 7,000-step-day!  Lunch out and “catching up” made for a perfect outing.  Even the sunshine cooperated as if to apologize for a long stretch of overcast skies, rain and drizzle.

The colors of autumn continue to dazzle.  Just look at our Pyracantha!

Pyracantha Glowing

The berries are brighter than a pumpkin.  And have you ever heard of an annual Dahlia?  This is what Bill planted in the spring and it is still budding!

Annual Dahlia 2


I am cooking today.  Our son will be coming from California for a four day visit next week.  He loves Mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce (simmering now).  I will freeze it for when he arrives and must also make Hungarian Paprikash (a favorite family dish handed down through the generations).  Ahhh, it’s so nice to be appreciated even though I truly hate to cook.

Hope your week was equally pleasant and your weekend is even more fabulous!




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There’s more to Autumn than changing leaves

in all their astoundingly magnificent colors

and vibrant hues  as they abound.

Look at the scarecrow in the hay,

the pumpkin’s golden-orange glow,

gourds and goblins against a witch’s sky,

 and sparkling flowers of intense hues.

Thank you, thank you, they say and sway,

for your adoration.

We appreciate your ooohs and aaahs.

We take our bows in celebration

of the most vibrant season of them all –

The Fall.

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