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Did I tell you Bill gave me a “smart” phone for my birthday?

The idea is so I can carry around one device that will manage my whole life.  Oh yes, it is firstly a phone so I can call home or home can call me.

Secondly it is supposed to be a camera so I can merrily snap away on camera walking excursions.

And then it does other things with the application of apps (redundant?).  I already have about 8 apps installed and they make me feel very self-important.

I can even text!  Albeit – S  L  O  W  L  Y!  How do people make their thumbs move around so fast anyway?  I could lose weight exercising at that rate.

But one of the nicest things about being “smart” is that I’m now an accidental artist.

Just look at this still life on my coffee table!

Ode to a Fruit Bowl By Dor

Ode to a Fruit Bowl
By Dor

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