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A Multinational Gathering of Aliens

A Multinational Gathering of Aliens

Driving home yesterday I was involuntarily stopped short in order to rub my eyes.

There was a gathering of grazing critters.

This in itself is not unusual when you live in the country.

Cattle is practically an industry here and yes, there was a cow in the mix.

What Creature is This

What Creature is This

However, this particular collection of grazers seemed odd.

I got out of the car with Pal, my original trusty camera embedded in my cell phone.

Could these be alien creatures sent down from Planet X to confuse local motorists?

Can anyone identify the spotted ones?

Another Mysterious CritterHow about that gray thing?

I must say they were curious and friendly enough.

They allowed me to snap pictures as

they returned to their preoccupation with grass.

Then I was on my way home still wondering.

Were they an odd variety of cow?  Miniature horses?


I am still undecided.  How about you?

Note:  A friend of mine has a friend-vet, who has identified the alien creatures as donkeys!  Take a look at some of these stories.







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