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Random Five Friday

Have you ever had a week you couldn’t account for?  I mean where you felt like you were trying to accomplish something but not getting anywhere?  That was my week.

  • It started out fine with Monday errands accomplished in time to go to the gym. “A great start,” I thought as I hit 6,000 steps on the pedometer that day.

That was about it for physical movement this week.

  • Tuesday the car needed mechanical attention at a dealer/shop an hour from our house. Of course, everything is an hour from our house.  Due to the distance we were given an overnight loaner!  “ How kind,” I thought.  And the loaner was a brand new 2015 model with only 24 miles on it!  Talk about a great marketing approach!
  • Wednesday we waited around most of the morning for a call re the car.  They finally rang at around 2:30 PM so that was a day shot.  It was an hour there and an hour back in our 2006 model that feels the same as the 2015 version really.    And I didn’t make it to the gym that day either.
  • Thursday I was supposed to have lunch with friend, Joan, but it turned out she caught the cold that is going around town and it progressed to bronchitis. I went to the store instead and stocked up on hand sanatizers
  • And here we are at Fun Friday! This morning I went on a search for skinny-er jeans since I think I am losing weight. Must be my imagination because the next size down is still impossible to pull up. But my new “diet” is a self invented approach – a restricted grain intake and not eating after 8 PM.   You can bet you will hear about it if it works!

I am so envious of my blogger friends who take pictures during the week and who lead such interesting lives.  With all the waiting around, I did finish a wonderful novel in preparation for book club later this month.  It’s called The Widow’s War, by Sally Gunning and is now on my favorites list.

There is definitely an art to wasting time.








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