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I always feel a bit down on holidays like the 4th of July since our family is so scattered and so far, but I wistfully went through the motions this morning  planning for the usual hot dogs and burgers w/trimmings.  The fun was missing though, and there was still shopping to be done for the necessary ingredients.  Bill warned, “It’s gonna be crowded.”   He knows how much I HATE crowds.

Stop# 1 – Herman’s Roadside Country Store.

Herman's Market

 Yep, it was crowded.  Inside was abuzz with laughter and activity.  “Do you have lime to add to the soil?” asked one woman.  The jovial checker lady said, “Hang on!  I’ll ask.”  And she hollered at full volume to a gent at the rear of the store, “HAVE WE GOT LIME?”  And then she whispered to me, “Watch – I’ll bet he says Huhhhhh?”   And within 10 seconds he hollered back as if on cue, “Huhhhhh?”

This may not sound funny in writing as it did in person but everybody in the place cracked up.  I left laughing and with some great tomatoes.

Stop #2 – The YMCA Treadmill.

Merrily proceeding I decided to stop for 20 minutes to stroll on the treadmill to assuage pervasive guilt over sedentary slothfulness and imagined again the gym would be too crowded.  And yes, it was, but there was one treadmill available.  On the way out I met four friends and  stopped to chat, finally leaving energized and smiling and feeling noble about conquering slothful urges.

On the way out, there was this great old beat up farm truck that begged to be photographed!  Old Farm Truck

Stop #3 – The Grocery Store. 

Surely the supermarket would be mobbed and it was, but with a happy crowd.  A favorite member of my book club appeared in one aisle so we stopped to chat about the current book, Factory Girls.

Leaving the store and expecting a hot muggy trudge to the car, there was instead a lovely breeze to nudge me to the far end of the parking lot (favorite spot to work in extra steps).
The air felt so good I wanted to keep on walking but the frozen yogurt might have melted.

Stop #4 – Home.

Arriving home meant unloading (if Bill was snoozing or mowing the South 40) putting away all the groceries, washing all the fruits and veggies, then slicing, cutting and preparing for a traditional Independence Day feast.  I was happy but tired and had not begun the slicing and dicing when the phone rang.

Good friends suggested we all go out to dinner to the Natural Bridge Hotel.  Great idea!

Stop #5 – Natural Bridge Hotel.

Natural Bridge Hotel

“It will probably be empty,” was the day’s lament.  “Everybody’s home barbecuing.”  But the hotel dining room was mobbed and once again with a happy bunch of people.  We were seated right next to a talented guitar player who was playing at extremely close proximity, so table conversation was at the shouting level.

Our waitress had a name tag.  It said her name was Andrew.  “IS THAT REALLY YOUR NAME?” I yelled.  “I WEAR FAKE NAMES ALL THE TIME,” she yelled back.  That started us all laughing and it was hard to stop through the entire meal.  Her real name is Michelle (we think) and she says she has another job as a fire truck driver!  She also goes by the names of Brad or Francine.

I still sorely miss my family and friends who are scattered so far away but the fates must have conspired to force smiles and laughter on this particular Independence Day.

A song kept trying to erupt as the day progressed (and of course, you do not want to be around for that).  I think Perry Como made it famous and here are the lyrics.  Do you remember this song?

It’s a Good Day

Yes, it’s a good day for singing a song
And it’s a good day for moving along
Yes, it’s a good day, how can anything go wrong?
Good day from morning till night

‘Cause it’s a good day for shining your shoes
Yes, it’s a good day for losing your blues
Everything to gain, nothing to lose
‘Cause it’s a good day from morning till night

I said to the sun
“Good morning sun, rise and shine today”
You know you gotta get going if you’re gonna make a showing
And you gotta get the right away

‘Cause it’s a good day for paying your bills
And it’s a good day for curing your ills
So take a deep breath and throw away your pills
‘Cause it’s a good day from morning till night

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling all wrong
Couldn’t find any reason for a happy song
Then I combed my hair and I washed my face
And my little world fell into place

‘Cause it’s a good day for paying your bills
And it’s a good day for curing your ills
So take a deep breath, throw away your pills
‘Cause it’s a good day from morning till
Good day from morning till, good day from morning till night

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