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Elsa-the-Dog and I have started taking early morning strolls. Because we tend to overfeed her she is slightly round and I think she needs to run. So, every morning Elsa eagerly looks for a stray squirrel or a deer to chase and I let her go! She doesn’t run into the woods to follow the wild critters out of my sight, but she runs like a wild thing down the road and to the edge of our Forest Primeval. Great exercise!

And it should be noted that I always let her out quietly so the critters will be in sight and not scared off first thing in the morning. Elsa gives chase, gets her morning run, and the wild critters seem to enjoy the whole thing too.

But yesterday morning there was an unexpected visitor.

Elsa came face to face with a great big SKUNK!

There was no barking but there was a confrontation. The skunk turned its back and raised its tail and Elsa backed away. Then the skunk tried to waddle off and Elsa followed. It was like she wanted to keep Mr. Skunk for a friend! Maybe the critter thought Elsa was another (albino?) skunk. They were about the same size but Elsa is a mix of browns, blacks, whites and golds.

No amount of screaming, “Elsa – COME!” from my long distance away had any effect on either of them. Elsa moved in, the skunk tried to run, Elsa moved in again, etc.

Crestfallen about what I was facing to remove the skunk scent, I gave up calling and turned back. But here came Elsa. She finally bade farewell to Mr. Skunk and returned to my side – no doubt expecting compliments, cookies and adulation for coming when she was called.

I was terrified of her approach, expecting the onslaught of painful smells. Having dealt with that scent in the past with other dogs, I knew what to expect.

In fact I once did a blog post about clearing the aisles in a Dollar Store when I carried the skunk scent and didn’t realize it.

But there was Elsa at my feet looking guilty – – – WITH NO SCENT!

I knelt down to give her a sniff but smelled nothing but the great outdoors.

A fleeting thought…was this a symptom of Covid? Losing the sense of smell?

Who ever heard of anyone coming face-to-butt with a skunk and not getting sprayed?

Was Mr. Skunk handicapped (missing his scent glands)?

Did Mr. Skunk use up his spray on something else?

You know what I think?

I think Elsa was non-threatening and communicated a message that she only wanted a friend. Or maybe they were both falling in love. After all, we are just coming to Valentine’s Day. She never even barked one bark or growled one growl. And I think Mr. Skunk recognized and honored her overwhelming wish for love. So much for logical explanations and good country stories.

Nevertheless, in future I do plan to send out morning warnings like rattling doorknobs, banging on things and uttering loud cries as we emerge from the house for morning strolls.

Meanwhile I have learned that Skunk mating season does peak around Valentine’s Day.

Male skunks begin stirring and wooing female skunks around the second week of February. Females refusing this courtship will spray in defense. Thankfully, skunk mating season only lasts from mid-February through mid-April!”



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Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Another Valentine’s Day came and went,

The only card I received was from my oldest, longest friend, Kit the Wit. Kit knows me well since we have been friends since childhood. Anyway, she knows I married a good kind generous loving man who does not believe in Valentine’s Day.

In our younger life together I put on a brave show of agreeing with Bill.

“It’s a Hallmark Holiday,” said we.

“It’s all commercialized.”


And so the years went by. When hearing about our strange family custom, some friends sent cards and even candy but those acts of sympathy never lasted long. Only Kit the Wit persisted in remembering that her old friend always spent Valentine’s Day wishing for a surprise.

This Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021 came and went like all the others.

Until February 15, 2021 – the day after! Actually the night after.

It was already dark and a holiday (President’s Day) so we were not expecting any deliveries, but suddenly Elsa the Dog began frantic barking and the lights of a delivery truck lit up the house. It was a gift from our three grandgirls – a beautiful box of chocolates with fond wishes for our enjoyment.

How wonderful is that?



We love you more than you will ever know!

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cropped-home-fires-burning-2.jpgIt’s Valentine’s Day!


Bill told me when we married he did not believe in Valentine’s Day.

Still, after so many years, I wake up hoping.

And on this day, once again, there is no card, no candy and no flowers.

Bill claims it is  a “Hallmark Holiday”, and also a Catholic holiday (Saint Valentine you know).

And he is not Catholic.

Please – no pity – I find other diversions when my friends tell me about their tokens of love on this special day.

I am very good at convincing myself that when Bill builds a warm cozy fire in our wood stove, it is a testament to his love and commitment.

Or when he puts all the dishes away before I can get to them, it is  better than flowers.

Or when he keeps asking how my BigFoot is doing and gently touches to see if it is still swollen, that is sweeter than candy.

And when he invites me out to dinner to a special place – even on this Catholic holiday – it is a finer tribute than a Hallmark card.

We are dining tonight with friends at Virginia’s  Natural Bridge Hotel Dining Room  where there is – guess what –

A Valentine’s Day Special!

I can’t wait to dress up tonight and wear my heart on my sleeve for my non-Catholic boy who doesn’t believe in Valentines Day.  A diamond would be nice though. Hmmmm!  I wonder if he thought of that.


Natural Bridge Hotel Dining Room. Image from tripadvisor.com

Natural Bridge Hotel

A Storied Place. The Natural Bridge Park Historic Hotel

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Upon my SoulMany of my newest blogger friends are asking if I received chocolate and flowers this Valentine’s Day.  By way of explanation, this is a re-write of a previous post from my first blog way back in 2012.  Nothing much has changed really.


Maybe nobody loves me!

Woe is me.  Even as a child, we would make or buy scads of little cards and give them to our favorite other kids in school.  In second grade, DeeDee, the most popular girl in class, got 28 cards!

I received 2!   And they were both from my mother, who signed them, “Guess Who?”

Later, Mom actually mailed cards to me that said, “I Love You! From A Secret Admirer.”  It took me a few years to figure out who was doing that but at least there were temporary thrills only to be dashed by eventual disillusion.

Then I met The Man I married (Bill), who immediately announced, “I do not believe in Valentine’s Day.”.

“First, he said, “it’s a Hallmark Holiday and also because Saint Valentine was a Catholic Saint, so it must be a Catholic holiday, and I am not Catholic”.

This was not alarming news. In fact, I discovered there is actually a Saint Valentine.  I also thought Bill was trying to be funny.  TeeHee.  And I laughed right along with him.

I suppose I was secure in the fact that at least he married me and I felt immune to disappointment.  But there was never a card or a note.  Over the years, the fact that we did not celebrate Valentine’s Day became a sort of family joke.

Our son came along and I wished to protect him from disappointments on Valentine’s Day, so I sent him cards that said “I Love You. From a Secret Admirer.”

His response?   He made a great little card for his Dad!

He grew up and had kids so I sent my grandgirls cards too that said “I Love You.  From a Secret Admirer.”  I wonder if they have figured that out yet.

Valentine’s Day is here once more and I am girded to withstand disappointment.

After all, I am old.  I am wise.  I am truly immune.  Who needs cards, flowers, and chocolates anyway?

But once again I have received 2 cards.  One is from my oldest friend in the world (longest lasting I mean – and not DeeDee), and the other is from some crazy wonderful friends who bring love and laughter to my life.  I consider these 2 cards with hearts on them to actually be sympathy cards.

On the bright side – each year Bill formally invites me on a date to a very fancy restaurant in our little town – for VALENTINE’S DAY!  Is he thinking of becoming Catholic?

P.S.  Here is my response to the wonderful friends who sent a real card!


I am like the little wallflower girl who is positively giddy with delight at having been remembered on this very special day!
May this positively grand card put Bill to shame and may he cower in fear now that his wife is all puffed up with self importance.  Perhaps I can even convince him to convert to Catholocism (since he believes Valentine’s Day is a Catholic holiday).
Yes, love is in the air.   I love you both for taking pity on this poor neglected wretch and transforming her into a prima donna!
I shall go forth now with self confidence and self esteem.
And may your Valentine’s Day be filled with romance and wonder.    

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