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Sunrise Blue Ridge


In a moment like this

I think there is no finer place to be

than in my own back yard


the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.




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Fencing in the last of summer to look back upon and reflect.


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Rusty Charm

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The Road OutSometimes I drive down my country road and simply have to stop and take a picture.

It’s not that there is anything magnificent to snap.

And it’s not the glorious foliage or even the way the light hits a leaf.

It boils down to a “feeling” and a need to listen to the world.

Fields n Cloud Cover


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Fenceline Tween Living and Deadfarm-fence-icon copy

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Flowers at the Gate

A bit neglected this lovely fence

with flowers in a row recalling

better times.

The gate still stands in silent hope

with flowers in a row awaiting

better times.

farm-fence-icon copy

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Friday’s Fences

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Fencing in a Mountain

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Classic Beauty Untended Equals Casual Elegance


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Look closely.

It’s there – a little fence behind the roses amidst the summer green.

Perhaps I saw the roses first in all their show and color.

Or was it the southern charm of a yard in bloom?

Did I even notice the little fence back there so quietly unobtrusive?

Have you found it yet? 


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