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Daily Prompt:  Mouths Wide Shut 

Are you a picky eater? 

Share some of your favorite food quirks with us

(the more exotic, the better!). 

I am an unbiased food lover because  if it’s edible, I will eat it.


This Daily Prompt prompted me to analyze some odd habits:

  1.  I won’t eat mushy stuff  like mashed bananas. Wonder what to do when I’m old with no teeth
  2. I will not eat most of the white part of an egg because it’s sort of mushy and slimy unless the egg is scrambled or in an omelet. but even then, if there is any white stuff showing, I will leave that portion untouched.
  3.  I will not eat Okra at all because it is slimy, mushy, and dribbly.  It used to dribble down my father’s chin, so I never liked the looks of it.
  4.  I will not drink milk unless it is little sips of goat’s milk.  Even on cereal the whole effect is “mushy” right?  Mom used to trick me by adding chocolate to cow’s milk or offering chocolate pudding but that never really worked.  I still hate milk and now convinced I ‘m lactose intolerant.
  5.  I am against smoothies because they are sort of mushy you know, and you can’t pick out the different fruits.

Like I said, “I am an unbiased food lover and if it’s edible I will eat it.”

P.S.  My husband may have been attracted because of our unbiased love of  all food.  He will not eat cheese in any way except on pizza.




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The Way Out - Untrodden

Last Winter was Bad Enough!

Daily Prompt:  Ready, Set, Done

Today, write about anything – but you must write for exactly ten  minutes, no more, no less.

I am writing for 10 minutes.  There is nothing to say but I am writing anyway.  It is a cool, sweet morning promising that autumn is around the corner.  Autumn used to be my favorite time of year and I still feel that surge of excitement when there is a chill in the air.

The animals seem to feel it too.  A squirrel finally got up enough courage to trespass past our garden gate to forage for things he could store for winter.

People are saying this will be a horrible winter filled with snow storms and bitter cold.

I keep telling Bill to refill the wood pile.  Our wood stove can be a lifesaver in weather like that.

The worst thing that happens around here in winter is the loss of electricity.  Not being able to see in the dark is only one problem.

The worst problem is the lack of water.  We are on a well system and it needs electricity to keep going.  So when it’s off, we can’t flush toilets (and it’s too cold to go in the woods).

We have a little generator though and if there is enough fuel, that can keep us going for a few days until we need more fuel.

Why am I worried about the onslaught of a bad winter?  Well, I love studying survival tactics.  I made a book of things to do in weather emergencies or pandemics.  If you want to know some of those secrets, just let me know.

Friends tend to laugh at me because the pantry is always so full.  You will never go hungry here they say… and it’s true I guess.  Although I am not hoarding food so much anymore I do believe in stocking things up that promise to last for years.

I especially like the one about fruit cakes.

Fruitcakes in tins literally have no expiration date.  This holiday season I plan to buy several fruit cakes. 

They should last until I die.  Right?  Then I will leave them in my will to the people most important to me.  I will conduct a poll first though to see who really loves fruitcake.

My friend, Janet, makes them every year to give away, and one of her friends had his fruitcake gift shellacked to make it into a doorstop.  That would defeat my purpose of survival by saving a non perishable food.

I doubt anyone will ever read this but I will publish it anyway just because it is a fun exercise and I would recommend it to fellow bloggers.  It will give you an idea of what to write about in a regular post.

Like I am now going to write something about what is in my “Survival Book” for those who are as paranoid as I am.

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Stuffed Critters 1

Daily Prompt:  To-Do? Done!

Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life.  

Now write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

  1. My Hair.  I wish for long straight thick blonde hair instead of short curly thinning grey streaked frizzing charcoal charred locks.
  2. Organize Drawers, Closets and Cabinets.  They are not visible to the naked eyes of visitors so they only seem to get worse with time.
  3. A New Car.  Replace the one that serves well but is nicked, scratched and starting to emit S.O.S. light signals.
  4. Live Closer to Family. 3,000 miles is just a bit too far to stop by and say hello.
  5. Have a Big Fuzzy Loving Dog.  Somehow hugging a stuffed pup, a teddy bear and a toy bunny  just doesn’t do it.

Ahh – the first day of the rest of my life:

Molly,  a sweet Golden Retriever, wakes me up ready for big slurpy kisses and warm snuggly hugs.  My husband Bill, might get in on the act too and we are all left collapsed and giggling!   Hurrah!  It’s already a great day!

Then a quick look in the mirror is rewarded by a glamorous apparition – long blonde hair (mine – not Molly’s)!   I have to spend more time brushing it though because it is now gloriously thick and shiny.

Ah yes, aging has only added more youth and I am finally a raving beauty (even if the new color of my hair really doesn’t go with my Slavic skin tones).

No more searching for that hairbrush either because all the drawers, cabinets and closets in the house are absolutely pristine and ordered.  In fact, even the canned goods in the kitchen are placed alphabetically.

There is no frustration on this day because everything is in its nice clean proper spot.

So why do I have the maddening urge to mess things up?

Molly is fed, walked and hops into my nice new convertible.  She is  very neat,  never gets muddy feet and does not shed either so the new car is in no danger of being defiled unless it rains.

Now if the car will only start on cue and not emit “Help!” messages on the dashboard.

“Let’s go for a ride to see the family  Mol!”   She is so excited and I am too, about a ride with the wind in our blonde hair culminating in a visit with the people we love most.

I just hope the kids at my son’s house don’t want to borrow the car.

What a day it has been.

But take it from beautiful me, “Nothing is perfect.”  Someone else may have said that of course.

Imagination is a wonderful thing?  I think I did say that.


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Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors.

How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

I always feel more glamorous than I actually look in a mirror.

I wake up feeling beautiful!  I think I have long full, soft flowing hair, clear skin, and the lithe grace of a well rested body.

But mornings are full of surprises since the gorgeous woman I expect to see in the mirror has shocking locks of hair sticking straight up and out in wild spikes.  The wrinkles and spots are all still there too.  And any lithe grace somehow disappears leaving a body and face that needs work; a lot of work!

The face in the mirror is definitely shocking.

Without mirrors, blind combing could tame the savage beast except that smoothing one spike results in another popping up somewhere else.   True taming requires eagle eye observations in a mirror.  I even have a magnifying mirror next to a regular mirror to accomplish such tasks.

A little lipstick might create the illusion of youthful health too.   But without a mirror the application would  be via touch and feel and would undoubtedly go out of bounds for a Halloween House of Horrors image.

Sans mirrors I would probably not be married!

Would anyone see past all those flaws to my scintillating personality?

The upside is I would go through each day thinking I had long sparkling, under control locks, a peaches and cream complexion, a tiny waist and the vitality, vigor and strength to accomplish all my goals.

I would bound along feeling taller, stronger, younger, and of movie star beauty!

The rest of the world would whisper and snicker and I would wonder why.

And maybe my husband would marry me after all – for my goodness of character and talent for self delusion.

There is a valuable message in this Daily Prompt because it reminds me that I am who I am, and I would surely like myself a whole lot more without mirrors.

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Dor and Mom  Hanging Sheets Long Ago

Dor and Mom
Hanging Sheets

Daily Prompt

Nosey Delights

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting.  What’s yours?

Often there is time

for drying bed sheets on a line,

one just like the one Dad built.

And the air and sunshine linger,

 in a sweet scented pile of

heaven in my arms.

And there it is again as I drift away to slumber

 wrapped in memories of home.

 There’s Mom, and I remember

the wind in our hair,

singing, giggling and sharing 

amid  white percale billowing. 

Now all the store bought laundry add-ins,

softeners, purifiers and natural herbal infusions

can’t  fool my nose for it surely knows

there are no man made substitutions

 for sunshine, fresh air, and

memories of home.


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Daily Prompt:  Wrong Turns

When was the last time you got lost?  Was it an enjoyable experience or a stressful one? 

Tell us all about it.

Bill and I finally purchased a GPS thing  (a Global Positioning System) to help us find our way around the planet.  Our youngest granddaughter named it “Lola.”

Although Bill is not likely to admit it, without Lola he is always lost.  And I am not much help either.

We have been lost in the parking lot at Hershey Park trying to find our way out to the street.  Once we could see our New Jersey hotel just across the highway – so near yet so far since we  could not reach it.  Another time we were lost on a toll road and it was a straight shot with well marked exits.  We have been known to drive around in circles in our own downtown covered garages.

Bill and I are always remarkably lost.

But suddenly there was Lola.

She gave us new found confidence as she handily found the way out of parking lots!

Finally, I could relax, sit back, enjoy the scenery, even put the seat back and snooze.

There was absolute joy and trust in the mighty little GPS gadget.  I just knew Bill was in good hands (well, not literally in good hands of course).  He was technologically balanced and steering wheel focused at last.

Lola, oh Lola, was in charge and doing her thing navigating us through the twists and turns of all the unexplored streets and highways of America.

We pampered her too.  She retained an honored place over the dashboard, was regularly updated, and was never lonely until………

Something happened.

Lola is now rebelling.

I think she finally figured out she is indispensable.

She may also be bored with people who can never find their way because she recently instructed us to turn onto a nonexistent access ramp!  Imagine?

Of course we forgave her that one infraction.

 Even so,  trust is the basis of a GPS/Human Relationship and our faith in Lola was ever so slightly shaken.

Lola’s second murderous attempt was entirely unforgivable.

“Turn Left onto XYZ Street,” she said as we neared our destination (the train station in Charlottesville, VA).  And yep, we turned.  And no, she did not come back to say, “Recalculating!”

Lola sent us down a one way street going the wrong way!

Beeping and screaming and threatening gestures from oncoming traffic were the clues that something was wrong.  Ignoring what Lola might say next we made a panicked “U” turn to get on the right track (thankfully not the train track).

Lola may be a secret serial killer!

Oh, I loved Lola so much before her homicidal tendencies that I was willing to include her in a polygamous marriage.  She is still out there waiting for us to get back in the car.   If I don’t count her maniacal streak I am grateful she still tries to help, but have concluded she is really the enemy in our midst.

I would rather be aimlessly wandering with Bill than going down one way streets the wrong way or turning onto nonexistent on-ramps with Lola.

And hard as it may be to believe, that is the true story of a modern GPS rebellion.




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Daily Prompt:  Brilliant Disguise

Tell us about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good.  Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget?  What was the outcome?

I was an adult and had never been to Disneyland.  “Fun for kids,” I thought, but  I felt above such things. There’s always a first time of course, and that first time as Bill and I wandered around the streets of the Magic Kingdom we came to the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea exhibit.

Disney Entrance to Leagues

It was a cave of sights and probable sounds from the famous Jules Verne story.  “Impressive,” I said as we departed the underwater atmosphere.  And just as we left  the exhibit, and almost as a farewell statement there was a statue of a deep sea diver standing at the exit.

I walked up to it and looked directly into the diver’s mask.  I remember tipping and turning my head as I gazed into the mask to see if there was a face inside, when suddenly…..

“HELLO,” said the statue in a big deep voice,

and then moved to give me a big hug! 

Disney Diver

I jumped at least two feet with my hand to my heart and gave a helpless cry!

That statue was a real person who looked just like a carved statue!

How did they DO that?

With a red faced grin I looked back at Bill and he was laughing.  He was not alone.

There was a little crowd gathered beside him who evidently knew I was a sucker and were just waiting for the inevitable results.

The only other ego reducing event that day was when I walked into a lamp post.  I was so awe struck by Disney’s world that I wasn’t looking where I was going.

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Mom's Pot

Mom’s Pot

Daily Prompt: Ingredients

What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? 

A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup,

instant ramen – what’s your magic ingredient and why?

Maybe it’s because I hate to cook that no specific special ingredient comes to mind.  I do wish there was a magical elixir like a spice or something.  If I had to choose, maybe it would be powdered gravy!

But if we are talking about “items” and not food ingredients, I would choose my Mom’s flat bottomed sauce pan.

I silently call it “Mom’s Pot.”  Mom is long gone but I still miss her, so that pot has deep meaning.

Because it belonged to her and I always saw her cooking things in it, I figure it must have wondrous qualities.  Mom would only want the best for her kids – like the best mashed potatoes (even though hers were always lumpy).

Still, I have my issues with Mom’s Pot.  I think I have mentioned she was not a good cook and maybe she could blame that pot and never told me.

It burns everything I cook in it.

I spend hours soaking the thing and then scraping off the stuck on stuff with a sharp instrument.

But hey – it’s Mom’s Pot and it is the one thing in my kitchen I would never want to do without.  And I would NEVER give it up.

“Cooking with memories is a far finer thing than serving a good meal.” ~Dor

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Garden Salad - Wikipedia

Garden Salad – Wikipedia

Daily Prompt:  Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves (Unfortunately)

What’s the household task you most dislike doing? 

Why do you think that is – is it the task itself, or something more?

I am an “I hate to cook-er.”  That means that in spite of being mysteriously regarded as a gourmet cook,  I definitely hate the whole roasting, toasting, broiling, baking experience.

Maybe I have been cooking too long.

But the task I hate the most about it all is making salads!

There are no shortcuts to making salads are there?   And we have one every night – every single night of our lives (except when we eat out of course).

What is it about making salads for decades that is so daunting?

It’s all the cutting up of the same old same old ingredients – you know – lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, ad infinitum.

Sometimes I just slice cucumbers and tomatoes but Bill treats them like a salad anyway and has that look like he thinks something may be missing – namely, lettuce peppers, onions and the ad infinitum stuff.

Tonight I made a huge salad with everything in it so we can have it again tomorrow.  Hurrah!  Nothing to cut up!

But tomorrow I will have cooked for three days in a row.

On the third day the meals from our kitchen deteriorate into not-so-tasty-less-than-delicious-repasts. (Not on purpose, honest!)

But on the third day when burnt things appear along with less than perfect salads, Bill “gets it” – the cue.

It’s time to go out!

Saturday we will be dining with friends at a local restaurant where someone else will be doing the cutting up.

Maybe I will try a Honeymoon Salad next at home.

Have you ever heard of a Honeymoon Salad?

It’s “Lettuce (Let Us) Alone!”

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Corner Office 1Daily Prompt:  Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

I am sitting at my little corner office that doubles as a night stand!   

My friends and family say I should campaign for a room of my own – an office.   My own office?

I like this little corner because everything is right here. I know I have to keep it all neat or drown in a morass of “To Do” notes, ideas for blogs, and files that get are so full the drawer freezes. When writing right here I do tend to overlook choked files and other more mundane chores but time is irrelevant.

I am happy here in my little corner of the world and it’s nice that friends feel sorry for me.  Enjoying undeserved pity is a pleasurable thing after all.

Mostly I blog.  Doesn’t that sound awful?  Like Blllllaaaah!  I Bllllloggg!  It sounds nicer to say, “I am having silent but poignant conversations with a group of friends I love.” 

But I am happy in “this here corner” because I am creating.  Writing to me is like a jigsaw puzzle and I am always looking for the right piece to complete the whole.  Writing is my hobby and my obsession.

So here I am again in the same place at the same time (actually all the time) and the only downside is my backside’s growing so I am joining the “Y” as of February 1st!

Back soon…… Pity-Comments welcome!

Your invisible friend, Dor

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