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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite


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I received this photo in an email so I don’t know who took it, but I think it’s worth sharing!

It made me laugh.

Bride and DogMaid

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Daily Prompt:  Can’t Get Enough

Have you ever been addicted to anything, or worried that you were?  Have you ever spent too much time and effort on something that was a distraction from your real goals?  Tell us about it.

The Shame Game

 I was 5 ½ years old.  It was the first day of kindergarten.  I was very proud to be a “big girl.”  The teacher called the roll and said, “Children, we have a little baby in the room.  Who do you think it is?  Please look around you.”

I looked around and soon realized that everyone was staring at ME!  I was sucking my thumb.  I had always sucked my thumb.  But I never did it again (unless you count the times now as an adult, when I am in deep thought).

Giving Up on Cream

I was on a diet to lose weight.  I have always been on a diet to lose weight.  Someone said that eliminating cream from your coffee would reduce your caloric intake by hundreds of calories a day.  I never drank cream in my coffee again, but I’m still on a diet to lose weight.

Gnawing Nails

I bit my nails.  I always did do that until I met the man of my dreams.  I stopped biting my nails (for looks) and married the man of my dreams, but started smoking instead.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I smoked menthol cigarettes for nearly 40 years!  I tried the patch.  I bought candy cigarette substitutes.  I went to hypnosis but inhaled as I left the session.  One morning the act of lighting up made me feel deathly ill.  I never smoked again.

 I am over those addictions but you never know for sure.

Being an armchair psychiatrist, I concluded that all those bad habits could be blamed on Mother!

She freely accepted the accusations too.  Poor Mom!

You see, I was a bottle fed infant and she told me she lived by the sage advice of Dr. Spock.  If the book said to feed the baby every four hours and I cried in three (from gnawing hunger), she let me keep on crying for precisely four hours.  Have you noticed that most of my addictions seem to come from oral needs?

No wonder I am still always hungry!

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Cloud Formation Over Blue RidgeWill we be going straight into winter from summer green?

Here’s the Beautiful Blueridge and its foothills –

still lovely to look at but where’s the color?

There’s a chill in the air all right

but I am missing autumn.

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I don’t know where “Space Cadet” came from but it defines a person who is “not all there” or “missing a link” and according to the Urban Dictionary, does not relate to the physical world.

I used to be all there – really.

 I could take one look at things and I would know what thing fit inside another thing.  In fact, I was so accurate about measuring “things” that I thought I had special powers.

Like the times I could quickly look at a pile of leftovers and choose exactly the right size container in which to store them (for discarding later).

 I was taught to save leftovers.  Unfortunately no one will eat them here (except for pizza).  But I keep saving them anyway.

Only now I don’t choose the right containers.

 The refrigerator storage boxes are always just a tad too small, so when they don’t fit they have to be washed and I have to try to find the right size again – and sometimes again.

What a lot of work for temporary trash bins.

This brings me to parallel parking.

My friend Nancy at  Not Quite Old  just did a wonderful post on parallel Parking. I recognized myself there for sure and I won’t repeat writing about that embarrassment.  Suffice to say I used to be a pro at parallel parking.

Now I am a space cadet.

Even pulling straight into a parking space is a major challenge!  I have the dents to prove it and I am absolutely terrified of automatic car washes.

You have to fit the tires between those little track things!

And if you get that right, you have to stop the car exactly when it says STOP!  If you don’t do what the sign says, the whole process gets derailed and the person in the car behind you is flipping the finger.

The biggest dents in my car are from car washes – no doubt the result of nervous backing up and going forward and backing up and going forward whilst trying to stay inside the rails!

So far, this warped space perception is the most annoying thing about aging.

It doesn’t hurt or anything like that, but it’s most embarrassing to be perceived as a space cadet.

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Daily Prompt:  Fearful Symmetry

Pick a letter, any letter.  Now write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Letter B

Bad days come and go, but we have had a month to cope with Rozie’s abscessed tooth.

Because she was resistant to antibiotics, the vet doubled up on the dosage.

Before we knew it Rozie was not eating.

But then we gave her little bits of things to keep her strength up and force fed her (via a giant syringe) a high caloric food mixed with antibiotics.

By the time she had been on the antibiotic slurry for a week, she lost control.

Bacteria and bowel movements took over all of our lives.

Beneath Rozie we put down old sheets to try to keep up with her frequent “gifts.”

Beginning two days ago we stopped the antibiotics.

Brave Rozie ate her first real meal this morning minus medications.

Blue flowered sheets still line the living room floor.

Boiling them may make them useable again as rags or drop cloths.

Beautiful old Rozie chased a deer yesterday and tried to catch a squirrel too.


Rozie Recuperating

Rozie Recuperating

Rozie n spider webs 005

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If you’re down my way and want to see wild animals in a more natural environment than behind the bars of a zoo, plan on visiting the Virginia Safari Park.  This is where the animals are free to roam, or block your path, or lie flat-out in the sun.  The choice is theirs.

Kangaroos Sleeping Around

Kangaroos Sleeping Around

I can’t tell you how many times I have returned to this astounding 180 acre drive-through adventure and there’s nothing like the squeals of children offering their feed buckets out the windows of the car.

View from Safari Park Road

View from Safari Park Road



Uh Oh!  Buffalo!

Uh Oh! Buffalo!

Kisses for Food Pleeze!

Kisses for Food Pleeze!

C'mon Get Out of the Car!  I Dare You!

C’mon Get Out of the Car! I Dare You!


I'm Waaaitinggg.....

I’m Waaaitinggg…..

Lllama Here!  Hello!

Lllama Here! Hello!

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Golden Glow of DuskGolden MistGolden Sky 2

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