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Last Winter was Bad Enough!

Daily Prompt:  Ready, Set, Done

Today, write about anything – but you must write for exactly ten  minutes, no more, no less.

I am writing for 10 minutes.  There is nothing to say but I am writing anyway.  It is a cool, sweet morning promising that autumn is around the corner.  Autumn used to be my favorite time of year and I still feel that surge of excitement when there is a chill in the air.

The animals seem to feel it too.  A squirrel finally got up enough courage to trespass past our garden gate to forage for things he could store for winter.

People are saying this will be a horrible winter filled with snow storms and bitter cold.

I keep telling Bill to refill the wood pile.  Our wood stove can be a lifesaver in weather like that.

The worst thing that happens around here in winter is the loss of electricity.  Not being able to see in the dark is only one problem.

The worst problem is the lack of water.  We are on a well system and it needs electricity to keep going.  So when it’s off, we can’t flush toilets (and it’s too cold to go in the woods).

We have a little generator though and if there is enough fuel, that can keep us going for a few days until we need more fuel.

Why am I worried about the onslaught of a bad winter?  Well, I love studying survival tactics.  I made a book of things to do in weather emergencies or pandemics.  If you want to know some of those secrets, just let me know.

Friends tend to laugh at me because the pantry is always so full.  You will never go hungry here they say… and it’s true I guess.  Although I am not hoarding food so much anymore I do believe in stocking things up that promise to last for years.

I especially like the one about fruit cakes.

Fruitcakes in tins literally have no expiration date.  This holiday season I plan to buy several fruit cakes. 

They should last until I die.  Right?  Then I will leave them in my will to the people most important to me.  I will conduct a poll first though to see who really loves fruitcake.

My friend, Janet, makes them every year to give away, and one of her friends had his fruitcake gift shellacked to make it into a doorstop.  That would defeat my purpose of survival by saving a non perishable food.

I doubt anyone will ever read this but I will publish it anyway just because it is a fun exercise and I would recommend it to fellow bloggers.  It will give you an idea of what to write about in a regular post.

Like I am now going to write something about what is in my “Survival Book” for those who are as paranoid as I am.

Stop learning?

Who would ever make such a declaration?

At my first job I was taught to operate, clean and maintain an Ozalid machine.  “Learn this and you will always be able to find work for the rest of your life”, they said.   Does anyone know what an Ozalid machine is today? Ha!

Then I learned all about Mimeograph machines.  Anybody ever hear of that? Ha!

Lessons from Other Galaxies

Today the need to divorce myself from “new” technologies came back about a year ago with the gift of a new cell phone.  It is a Samsung Galaxy S4 that was supposed to be top of the line and even transformed itself into an ever-present camera.

“This will be good for the next 10 years,” I thought but it took  a year to find a phone number in an emergency.

And in what seems like minutes there is now a Galaxy 5 and I haven’t even learned 4!

Facebooking Translations Gone Where?

I remember not long ago a beloved grandgirl created a FB dictionary for me (to simplify things).  It was a listing of the lingo for translations of Facebook messages.  Even abbreviations like “I luv u 4 sentimental reasons” seem to have disappeared and I haven’t memorized the list yet. Where have they all gone?

I am for Low Definition TV!

Now Bill has a new HD Flat Screen TV.  Does anyone remember Fat Screen TVs?

To get the HD part, we had to update all Direct TV receivers including the one for my old LD (Low Def) version.  For those of you who are city dwellers, Direct TV is man’s way of surviving in rural areas where there is no Wifi or other such Gigabite connections.  Can you tell I have no idea what I’m talking about?

Low Definition is my own terminology and I intend to stay LD!  Nevertheless, “The updated receiver is required,” so it will be waiting in case I change my mind.

Arghhh!  The Viewer’s Guide is now too small with reverse white type on a light blue background.

DVD Netflix watching is fouled up too!

I have these written instructions which require a translator:

Turn TV on at remote top right button. Slide top thingy slider thing to far Right & switch to Channel 3.  Insert disc.Use second remote for something unidentified.  Turn power off at box or at red dot on remote top right. Switch to Channel 4 and slide top slider thingy to far Left.  TV should now be on and you should be able to change channels! Ha!

And NO, I don’t want Netflix Steaming or Streaming – just something else to learn!


Last month my same technologically savvy grandgirl thought I would enjoy participating in SnapChat.  Huh?

I finally guessed that SnapChat is a place to post a picture

that will only last 3 seconds and then disappear.  

This would allow some folks to be seen naked but not permanently so. 

I am still not sure this is the purpose.  It is only a naïve guess.

Mackenzie was so sweet though, and put Snap and Chat on my new/old cell phone.  I doubt that she wants to see her Grammy disrobed, so maybe this service is for other more benign or deeply mysterious purposes?

Or maybe she knew I would never figure it out anyway.

She was right because when she left I could not figure it out so I deleted it.  At least I hope I deleted it.

Even a little thing like “delete” requires a step by stumble procedure.

Instagram Wireless Communication

I see Instagram all over Twitter too.   I understand Twitter I think, but not Instagram which would necessitate detailed instructions.

Instagram may be messaging in Morse Code because we do tend to be going backward in communication skills.

I have no intention of learning Morse Code since Bill already knows it.  He was a radio operator in the U.S. Air Force some time after the Civil War ended.


In case I am ahead of you in utilizing initials to save time, “FYI” means For Your Information.,

Did you know Twitter is represented across the internet by a little bird on the wing?  That at least makes a bit of sense and does not require a graduate degree in social media.  twitter-logo


People Loving People

Other people seem to reside in specialized technological worlds for as long as they can stand to survive there and until they get updated and have to get new instructions.

Somehow love online always seems to thrive.

I think it is because the young have faster thumbs and the rest of them are bendable.  I suppose they have no trouble reaching out to potential new heartthrobs in the blog-us-fear.

BUT I QUIT!  I don’t want to learn any more.  I already met my heartthrob in person in a touchy feely world before Snap Chat and cell phones.

And I want technology to STOP!  NOW!

Enough is enough.

So now what?

I was just told that all the YMCA resistance equipment (I have been using for 15 years) is being replaced by new, up-to-date stuff.

“Is it the same, but just newer?” I asked.  “Well, no.”

And the trainer went into detail on the new knobs to expect, the new ways of achieving leg lifts, and the fact that they will be hiring people to explain all the new technologies.





Another morning.

Another view from my kitchen window.  

Ho Hum!

Another day.

What did I miss a minute ago?

Was it the long view?

I hate to leave my kitchen window.


Duplicate Cloud Formations

Stuffed Critters 1

Daily Prompt:  To-Do? Done!

Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life.  

Now write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

  1. My Hair.  I wish for long straight thick blonde hair instead of short curly thinning grey streaked frizzing charcoal charred locks.
  2. Organize Drawers, Closets and Cabinets.  They are not visible to the naked eyes of visitors so they only seem to get worse with time.
  3. A New Car.  Replace the one that serves well but is nicked, scratched and starting to emit S.O.S. light signals.
  4. Live Closer to Family. 3,000 miles is just a bit too far to stop by and say hello.
  5. Have a Big Fuzzy Loving Dog.  Somehow hugging a stuffed pup, a teddy bear and a toy bunny  just doesn’t do it.

Ahh – the first day of the rest of my life:

Molly,  a sweet Golden Retriever, wakes me up ready for big slurpy kisses and warm snuggly hugs.  My husband Bill, might get in on the act too and we are all left collapsed and giggling!   Hurrah!  It’s already a great day!

Then a quick look in the mirror is rewarded by a glamorous apparition – long blonde hair (mine – not Molly’s)!   I have to spend more time brushing it though because it is now gloriously thick and shiny.

Ah yes, aging has only added more youth and I am finally a raving beauty (even if the new color of my hair really doesn’t go with my Slavic skin tones).

No more searching for that hairbrush either because all the drawers, cabinets and closets in the house are absolutely pristine and ordered.  In fact, even the canned goods in the kitchen are placed alphabetically.

There is no frustration on this day because everything is in its nice clean proper spot.

So why do I have the maddening urge to mess things up?

Molly is fed, walked and hops into my nice new convertible.  She is  very neat,  never gets muddy feet and does not shed either so the new car is in no danger of being defiled unless it rains.

Now if the car will only start on cue and not emit “Help!” messages on the dashboard.

“Let’s go for a ride to see the family  Mol!”   She is so excited and I am too, about a ride with the wind in our blonde hair culminating in a visit with the people we love most.

I just hope the kids at my son’s house don’t want to borrow the car.

What a day it has been.

But take it from beautiful me, “Nothing is perfect.”  Someone else may have said that of course.

Imagination is a wonderful thing?  I think I did say that.


Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover

I am fascinated by clouds.  It may be a childhood insecurity thing.  They look like big soft comforters, even when they are ominously grey.

 Years ago I took my son to look for a comforter for his college dorm. 

He chose a plain white one. 

“You don’t want that Son,” I said. 

“Why not? I like that one best.”

“Because it will show every little spill or spot.”  

“ Oh Mom – like WHAT little spills or spots?”

 “Well, you know – soda – sperm…..” 

With that he was mortified and ran out of the store and we are still laughing!

The Wandering Walker

I walked 10,000 steps one day this week and one day last week!  Both days made me happy but sweaty and tired.  No one ever said I would glisten at the 9,999th step!  So this is supposed to be a good healthy thing?  Also, falling asleep on the floor is not very impressive either.

Yes, We Keep the Darndest Things

I have a dancing chicken toy that sings, walks and bobs up and down (all at the same time).  Everyone has seen it and laughed, but for some odd reason I cannot relegate it to the junk pile.  It still makes me laugh.  I just have to look at it to start.  It’s a throw away toy that never gets thrown away.

Halloween Chicken

Bill and I are clearing out things.

There are cancelled checks from 1989!  Do audits go back that far?

He has engineering text books, outdated for 40 years.

I have a Compton’s Encyclopedia with no mention of space travel (and unrecognizable country names and borders)!

Maybe we keep these things because when they are discarded, we fear throwing our own personal selves away “with the bathwater”.

Dog Visitor Expected

How very boring I know but I am beyond excited!   We are dog-sitting once again or will be in October!

Noche, the beautiful German Shepherd, is returning!  If her “pawrents” have told her the plans I know she is dreaming of a wild romp in our fields – off-leash!

I am also dreaming of her romp but I prefer standing still and watching.

Mostly I can’t wait to give her a big hug and tell her how much I love her.

This is a picture of Noche on her first visit.  You can tell she was a nervous wreck!

Some Dogs Know How to Stay Warm

Weather Prediction Better than the Farmer’s Almanac!

I know the season is changing.

My eyes are itching!

No, this is not some subliminal inner brain signal to the outer self.

Actually, I am allergic to autumn.

Like rheumatism calculating rain, my itchy eyes are a sure sign we are on the verge of winter.

I’m also allergic to shrimp because they make my ears itch.  This is a true story so you can please stop laughing!

Mustard Weeds




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